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What a treat in the autumn evening to get out of the box the old letters, postcards, photos or diaries with native handwriting of ancestors! Something, of course, is thrown out, though with regret. And I kept valuable and updated thanks to modern technology: scanned photos and writings.

At such moments, the house is filled with a unique kind of energy, which is mighty tree roots, nourishes human.It so happens that there is always someone from our family kept a diary.

Grandpa described in chronological order his life from infancy until recent years. This is three thick notebooks with clippings from newspapers of those years, family photographs and his own drawings – the story of a generation.I also love to write down something. My notes – are emotions and relations, sometimes psychology. And less – a reflection of events. I love to dream, to write stories, share ideas…

Like here NOW.Grateful, that you are reading my blogs, dear friends!


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Such a movie! 

Unusual. Especially for those who are accustomed to Hollywood movies, where the director tries to convey all the details of the plot and characters to the audience.

Here, the creators decided to do otherwise, they can hope that their audience was reading comics, or intrigued by the film and decides to read it. Or do they just filmed it. In my opinion, it turned out well: we are together with the main characters plunge into a new unknown world, and that we have understood nothing:

– Why some people look as humans and others as computer graphics?

– What is the “zone of invasion»?

– What is ‘Eugenics’ about?

– Where in the New York is piece of Paris?

– What brings the pyramid to hang in the sky over New York?

On some questions we will find answers together with movie heroes, for other – no. But it does not break the perception of the film. You flows into the inner rhythm of film watch it fascinatedly.This visual component plays great role: it is decorated in dark colors, occasionally dilatable by spots of blue and red. The city’s future atmosphere looks like sixties. Especially this contributes to the impression of music – in some places it is like playing on the gramophone. And the car, which are many in the film – the old, and a room at Jill’s flat – though dilapidated. So her appearance in the world, the birth of a child – it is something new that carries update this world which is far from ideal.But in the film all the attention paid to the main characters, their relationships, and may feel that they cannot be carried on – love conquers all. I do not think that this film contains lot of philosophy, but, again, the special rhythm of the film, the internal stress, the strange poetry – all this sets a certain way, on the kind of philosophizing about the whims of life. Do not wait for revelations – you just have to watch and listen.



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Water, tea, juice or coffee?

Hello friends!

All of us at least once per life had these heart to heart talks at the kitchen.

Lately I was playing the role of that shoulder to cry on. My friend was asking me an love advice about her boyfriend, who not paying her much attention.

And yes, I had a good answer to stop her tears. Want to share this answer with you as it is – in form of parable.

Just imagine, you are lost at foreign city, you are trying to find the way back to hotel (no maps or mobile device for this, sorry), weather is terrible… Finally you are feeling so exhausted and thirsty, that entering random seems to be cozy cafe on your way. You are asking about glass of water, but this is special cafe – they don’t have water, juice, tea, only coffee….

But you don’t like coffee, actually, you feel terrible after drinking it – insomnia, fast heartbeating, blood pressure goes up…. So you understand the consequenses, right?

But you feel so exhausted, you don’t want to go out in that crazy weather and search for other cafe with your favourite tea, you feel that you couldn’t make any step and agreed for coffee… Yes, you have brief few minutes relief drinking hot tasty coffee.  And have this all – blood pressure, heart beating, insomnia… Who forced you? No one.

Lesson: the so with love, you shouldn’t turn your need for love into the thirst for love. 

If you sees person mistreat you time after time, you know the consequenses, right?

So, go out and got yourself desirable jinger tea!

But you must choose that scary uncertainty.  Because everything have it’s price. Difference only: now you are paying your tears for shit, when better pay with your smiled eyes for love.



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Tell this to him and make him happy!

In everyday life we often forget that relationship needs support and attention. It is important to constantly confirm your relevance and partner attachment. These phrases will help you to improve relations with the beloved!

I would like to spend time with you!

Perhaps you have today an important business meeting, which you can not cancel. Did you go in the evening on the parents’ meeting or to relatives. Even if you do not spend the evening with husband, tell him that phrase!

Thank you for your call!

Yes, you think that he is obliged during the day to call you a couple of times, or send you a message. But who among us loves their obligations? But when you express gratitude to him for such a small sign of attention, he will be happy to call you in the future.

What pleased you today?

If you use this phrase instead of the usual words: “How are you?”, You will hear not a standard “all right”, and a more detailed response. This phrase you show that you are really interested in his case. In addition, you can help your husband to focus on the positive, which is always there, even in the most difficult situation.

Let me help you to find it!

You know very well that men often lose their socks in the house, charging for phone, pens and notepads. Instead of usual reproach him for distraction (which, incidentally, does not help him to become more attentive), offer your help! He will thank you for the indulgence of his little weaknesses.

Help me to understand!

No one can be an expert in all areas, and you – not an exception. But it’s nice when your husband feel like a man who is able to save his woman out of trouble, even such tiny as correct filling receipts, translation from English catchy phrases or the development of the operating principle of the new blender.

I’ve always sleeps better when you’re around!

You can wake up five times a night because of snoring or the faithful from time to time during the night to take away from him his part of the blanket in which he tries to wrap himself completely. Yet the fact that of all the men you have chosen him, so close to him to fall asleep and wake up, it means a lot!


Make him happy


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Which love could last forever?

Dear friends!

Remember how the existentialist philosophers have recognized the strength, beauty and greatness of life.They had to take the absolute inevitability of death.

Hazards of Love, too, need to realize that to accept that love from the beginning moves to the end, take a risk, which is present from the first day in the relationship.

And when we clearly understand this, in our relationship suddenly starts to sound a note of contrast, which transforms the melody of love.

This tune is becoming much more subtle and profound than the frivolous misconception “we are the one”.

Only feeling that our love every day draws to the end, we begin to truly appreciate our partner, his feelings, and every moment with him.

And such love can, I believe, last forever – until we are alive.


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The embroidery

Dear friends!

Do you have hobby? What about embroidery?

In the old times embroidered mainly girls, because they were not allowed to do anything in the field. The land our ancestors considered a manifestation of the feminine energy – a woman giving birth. It was believed that if the seeds sown a girl, they will not germinate because she did not give birth yet.

In Slavic family female responsibilities were distributed as follows: girls embroidered and sew for the whole family, grandmother cooked, looked after the grandchildren, and women, mothers worked in the fields.The girl, who is preparing for the wedding, had to sew some fifty wedding towels, towels for the holidays, shirts and other clothing. And when she got married, she had been prepared clothes; she did not have to spend time and energy later on its implementation. After all, from this point on she had to care for her husband.

Those shirts that she was embroidering transmitted to children and grandchildren. Because then and the fabric was made by hand and embroidery consist of tribal symbols.

Energy, which was filled with such clothes, was passed to future generations. This shirt became a talisman for the person. Our ancestors taught the girls to embroider the age of three, thus they raised their diligence, patience, perseverance and understanding of tribal symbol. Patience, in the first place, it is necessary to reveal a feminine, learn and accept her second half, to be ready for the birth and nurturing of children. Now our young people do not have patience. Couples often diverge, even those who could live quite harmoniously.Via the embroidery is also transferred the family code, family signs. In the old days, each clan had its ancestral symbols.

Do you believe that embroidery can make your wishes come true?

Waiting for your comments 🙂