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911 emergency A&A

Dear friends! I want to invite you to test the game 911 with me. This is wonderful game of questions and answers, sometimes very fun. Here is tutorial how you can play it:

1. Make sure you are using latest version of Dukascopy connect application (or download it from AppStore, Play Market).

2. You need to log in to the application with your phone number. Here what you will see when press 911 section. To ask your question, press 911 number at the top, next to the people icon.


3. You can ask as much questions as you want per day. As soon as you will get 5 answers to your question it will disappear from question poll. If you got a great answer to one of your questions, you can mark it as:’ Thank you! I’m fully satisfied’. This way you can mark only 1 answer out of 5 and only 3 times per day (next day you will have another 3) you can do it for free. If you want to mark more answers as ‘satisfied’ you need to pay from Payments system.

4. If someone mark your answer as ‘satisfied’ you will get 1 CHF from Dukascopy bank on your purse in Payments system (if you want to receive your money, should register there). Maximum amount you can earn per day is 3 CHF (in case if 3 different people satisfied with your answer), per month 90 CHF. For example:

5. You can check your activity from here:


Poll of questions is here:

And here are only ur questions:


Press on already answering (blue letters) to read the answers. Hope to see you in 911 soon If you have any questions on how it works, don’t hesitate to write me!

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Create a fashion collage

Dear friends!

In this blog I want to share some tips in fashion collage creation.

First of all, decide what image you want to use, male or female. And maybe the one and the other? Then scroll through the magazines and get picture which you like the most. It is necessary to choose the head for your future fashion look.

I decided to create a dress. Cut the required part, put it on a clean sheet of paper which suits chosen part (A4 or A5). Glue the item on the list. Use a pencil and draw the general outlines of the future silhouette of the dress.

In the process of drawing something you can change your mind and easily break conceived boundaries. It’s ok.

I drew with black liner 0.4 and fill space with crayons. It is more convenient and faster. Note that the cutted piece is better somehow “connect” with pattern you draw (I eventually decided to use filter and make whole composition pattern black and white, colorful video can be found at my Instagram:

That is so easy and simple, you can create unusual images using a duet of zentangl and collage. You can tell any fashion story using the considered technique. I wish you irrepressible experimentation and active creativity!



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Дорогие друзья! Так сложилось, что у меня уже второй год подряд начинается с рисования. Новогодние каникулы – это просто таки замечательное время, чтобы отдохнуть душой и телом, нарисовать и заинстаграмить кучу всего интересного. На этот раз я принимаю участие аж в двух марафонах: один – серия акварельных зарисовок по любимому сериалу “Шерлок”, а второй – фэшн-марафон в стиле зентангл. Пока что делюсь с вами первым выполненным заданием из фешн-марафона.

Как вам нравится туфелька Золушки?

Вы за какую версию – цветную или черно-белую?


Жду ваших ответов в комментариях и отправляюсь смотреть очередной урок по ИЗО, как мы его называли в школе и рисовать скрипку акварелью. То ли еще будет!


P.S. Всем в первые новогодние дни желаю добра, любви и увлекательного хобби!!!


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Do you believe in Santa?

Dear friends!

The daughter of my friend from Turkey goes to kindergarten. And there she has a boyfriend – Mustafa. And somehow children start to talk about Santa Claus. A Turkish children do not believe in him. And the only daughter of my friend insisted that Santa Claus exists. What the teacher said that on the feast actors wear Santa outfits and congratulate the children. And my friend’s daughter replied that the real Santa Claus comes at night when everyone is asleep and leaves presents under the Xmas tree. She said, and burst into tears of despair. Then Mustafa, this little gentleman, said: “Yes, I also believe in Santa Claus.” The honor of the beauty was saved.But apparently doubts crept in a child’s soul, and in the evening, Mustafa asked his mother whether there is Santa Claus. And mom probably told him that no son, no Santa Claus, it’s all lies.

So, the next day Mustafa went to the daughter of my friend and whispered in her ear:- I have to tell you something. Santa Claus is dead! That is not a gentleman behaviour to tell the girl: you are fool, there is no Santa Claus, thanks to you I exposed like idiot yesterday in front of all guys. And still immature, but a man’s brain of Mustafa decided that the best way out – to kill Santa Claus. That is, like he was, but he seems to die and is not exist.

And you, do you believe in Santa?


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May the good smell be with you

When the perfume is not very persistent, usually we thinking that manufacturer come up with not successful formula. But it turns out, is often the reason – in our skin. If it is too hot, the composition of the molecule is simply not linger – evaporated by heating. So what to do?

If the manufacturer of your favorite perfume producing not only the perfume or eau de toilette, but also shower gel, body lotion, deodorant, etc. with this smell – buy the whole series. Yes, it is more expensive to buy than just perfume, but the smell will last longer, and the perfume will be consumed slowly.

If you are by nature have a hot skin, try to apply the perfume on the cold spots that perfume do not burn out quickly. For example, in many cases the fragrance did not hold on to the ear, where a high body temperature (it just disappears, heated), in this case it is better to put toilet water on the shoulder, the back of your hand or elbow.

If your skin keeps perfume bad, apply perfume on the inner side of clothes (just check that no trace remains). It can be sprinkled on a silk or woolen scarf. Not a bad option – a leather watch strap or belt. Remember that smell may be distorted on synthetic materials.

If you are going to spend vacations in a hot country – do not be afraid in to enjoy a thick rich aroma at the evenings. That smells too hard in our temperate climate in the tropics can be very tasty. This is especially true for oriental fragrances.

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Amazon’s New Service

Listen to this, “Great news from Amazon”, from a company that has grown in the past decade to be one of the largest retail store in the world and is probably be overtaking Walmart in just a few years time.

Amazon is an online store outlet and you can find them in, and other similar website to a country region.Well ladies and gentlemen, Amazon are pioneering in a new service level and they are currently testing at some test locations for viability.

This service will not only will allow you to do you shopping online with your computer, table or smartphone, but they want to be able to do the delivery of your shopping within 30 minutes.

At first thought, that may sound a very difficult task to achieve, based on the road condition distance and the traffic situation in many part of the world.

So Amazon has come with a futuristic idea and that is to have your shopping to be delivered while using “drone” to perform the delivery.Well at this time there are some limits where high density large cities and distance from the warehouse where the drone can fly to your place and back.The first generation drone could carry a small load and a shorter distance, but as technology improved the second generation has a 30 pound (16 -20 Kg) capability and can cover a round trip of about 50 -60 Km or a radius of about 25 – 30 Km from the warehouse.First generation drone Second generation drone See this video above, explain it all …

LOL Watch out for those UFO’s to come in the future …