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Summer Needs to Slow Down

Dear friends!

Want to share with you most memorable moments of my summer.

First of all – it’s walks under strong summer rain! Wet, wet, wet!

Secondly, I learn to draw abstractions and even prepare few drawings for collective exhibition.

Thirdly, I managed somehow to make 10 mln of turnover per one day – this is my highest. Still working on my system and improving my skills – summer gave me a lot of free time for trading, so I am excited.

From one of my trips I bring unusual fairy-tale pendant. Look at this yellow cutie! Fans of Pokemongo surely will envy me! 🙂

During camping I observe Perseid meteor shower and make a lot of wishes!

Seeing 2 rainbows in my favorite fountain.

Discovering new taste with challenge wakeupurself, really, never thought that cottage cheese with herbs and garlic can taste so good.

Watching horror movie being home alone late evening! That is great achievement for me!

Out of competition is my trip to Turkey during the dramatical events on July 16th.

But I prefer to tell you about positive things which worth the #100HappyDays list.

And this is:

– Eating a lot of Turkish ice-cream (I can’t eat any other after my trip, it seems tasteless!!!!!).

– Shopping at the Grand Bazar! Go for Gold mission complete!

– Trip to the Princess Islands – this peace of paradise on Earth!

– Drinking real Turkish tea at the rooftop and observing all historical buildings around.

– Feeding seagulls, they are so happy I came back here! Need to notice, me too!

– Feeding cute and furry homeless kitten. I wish I could take you home!

– Eating tasty borek with fish and listening beautiful live music.

Ok, lets sing with her:

(Wish I could) Forget the day that we first met,

(Wish I could) Forget that I love you,

(Wish I could) find another world…which you are not in.


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Drink and Go!

Dear friends! If you will ask me what is my favorite drink – I will choose Turkish tea.

As the Turks say: “If the Turks during the day did not drink any tea once, the day can be considered lived in vain.” And I feel the same way as they do.

My favorite of all the Turkish tea, there it is called ÇAY. The origin of Turkish tea is claimed from a small town called RIZE situated on the coast Black Sea. In the mid of 1920s on the orders of the founder of the Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Ataturk brought here about 40 tons of tea seeds from Georgia. The special microclimate, mountains, plenty of sunshine, fertile soil, a significant amount of rainfall allowed this tea to produce a rich and a nourishment, great harvest well known around the world. It is believed that Turkish tea does has his special quality and no smell due to the fact that there is no “TIPS” – blossoming buds, which give a unique and distinctive flavor. But, according to experts, the Turkish tea contains lower level of caffeine, with very limited and very tight control of pesticides used for the world production and distribution.

The Turkish tea industry have come up with their own way to bring this drink into a black tea. Often they celebrate and gather together for a simple feast has become their way of life with their well know black tea, in offices and shops, markets and restaurants, and just at a party on the street you will be offered tea as a sign of friendship and hospitality.

In Turkey, the process of brewing tea is a skill and takes time to brew the tea. They use a pot container that consist of two sections brewing kettle, which are placed one over the other. The reason is that the tea leaves in the upper teapot steamed and tea flavor falls down to the lower half of the pot and is believed that the tea in this process is not volatilized. From my trips to Turkey I purchased and brought back a teapot and some packs of tea. So I can brew my own tea the same way and same process that they do it in their country. Turkish tea is very rich with full-flavored and too strong to be consumed in large cups, so it is served in small special glass in the shape of a tulip, which typically have a rim to protect fingers from burn as tea in Turkey is server very hot. Usually I am drink the tea without sugar and with a slice of lemon added. Tea time for me not only time to quench my thirst, but also to relax and time to meditate and reflect in my inner self too.


Enjoy your tea!


#MorningTea #selfie

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Once at Istanbul, we dined with local friends in a fish restaurant, and we were suddenly and urgently, without delay wanted an ice cream for dessert. We walked straight to the Old Focha.

There were other ice-cream at the waterfront, but we are not looking for easy ways. Why? Because we get up in the very long line. Waiting lasts about 20 minutes, and during that time you need to decide what kind of ice cream to choose from.

– I want a lemon, mandarin and chestnut.

– No, that’s a bad combination, take instead of mandarin mint, – advise friends.

– I think between mint and peach. Or, almond, peach and melon?

Everyone must eventually make their own decisions in the face of iceman.Behind these sweet doubts and hesitations comes our turn.

I frantically crying out something from the subconscious seem to be a rose, walnut and caramel. Woman after us left with giant cone with 10 or even 12 balls – so much waiting!

We concentrated on eating our dondurma: tasty ice cream, but this very expectation that resembles roller coaster, even tastier.

What else can unite strangers more than a choice between almond and lavender in a freshly baked crispy cone?

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The Snake Charmer

Dear friends!

Already passed those times when to watch advertising was very boring.

Today PR agencies do everything possible and impossible to get our attention.

Want to show you one popular clip which looks more like a Bollywood melodrama about the thorny path of a young man, rather than advertising.

Moreover, up to the last seconds of the product in the picture does not appear, and the plot is not implied. The viewer empathizes with the boy, who cannot justify the hopes of the mother, though very trying. He did not get to continue the work of his father and become a snake charmer. The audience understands the message and recognizes the advertised product only at the very end of the spot. Will not disclose it to you, let it be surprise.


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The Arabian culture and people

I went to United Arab Emirates (UAE) for a visit and immediately I fell in love with the country, the people and wide range of different culture living together. Everywhere I went the were Abaya women, dress in a national black dress, Quandour men, with a white national outfit, and I suddenly felt a urge to begin to take photos everywhere I went. But as you well know, some cultures, the women is not allowed to show her face to the public and not even on the internet on social media like Facebook or Instagram, instead they resort to post the avatar on their account as food items, jewelry or cars and other items as her face or body images is not allowed and you are not allowed to know who is behind the mask and or closing.

The most common dress code for women are the black abaya and that makes difficult to identify in the street who is behind the dress. For that reason, often the women use item like handbag’s, watches, jewelry and shoes as a form to identify who is the girl in that case.

I notice many times both in the malls and everywhere, that some ladies were wearing Loubutin, they are shoes with a giant heels, and they are very difficult to wear them or walk around with them. In the Arab culture the women are common to decorate themselves with glitter, body prints, lots of rings and bracelets and neckless too.It is uncommon for the women to be wearing large earrings since their heads are covered with a hijab or a handkerchief with is the common trading for the Lebanese girls to wear. In the UAE and other parts of the world, the Lebanese ladies usually wear European (western) type close with a handkerchief and a large amount of ornaments, like large neckless, earrings and bracelets. Arabian women, often justify a large number of jewelry. In this beautiful country, a man can divorce the women and not the other way around, and if a man desire or wish to divorce, then he just needs to say three times the words “I divorce you”, and leave the house that she is living in right away, for that reason the women do try to wear as much as possible since she will not be able to go back and pick up other item that is left in the house. To me this over the top, but is in their own tradition and culture.

The locals feel that diamonds and precious stones are items of lessor value and are seen as inferior jewelry to wear, and the Russian girls are more common to be using such item on themselves. The ladies they wear their jewelry even for breakfast lunch and dinner from the time they wake up until they go to bed. The range and type of the jewelry used has stories and gives a brand name from the family that the girl is from, by the rings, bracelets and watches, since this is the only possible part of the body that she is allowed to show to identify herself with.If you have other stories and comments around these above way of life, let us know what you feel about it.

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3 secret souvenirs from Russia

Dear friends!

Are you going to visit Russia and don’t know which interesting souvenir you can bring for friends and reletives?

Here I will tell you about 3 secret souvenirs, which will surprise you

1. Tar soap

Yes, it really smells bad (if not stink). But soap containing 10% of birch tar – it’s just a brilliant piece! Definitely you won’t buy such soap abroad, because it is a real product Made in Russia. This soap effectively struggles with rashes on the face and acne, but also can be a real salvation for those who have dark spots. At the same time it does not dry out the skin – you can safely wash.

2. Altai mummy

Altai mummy – is a complex product, which consists of a cocktail of useful elements and looks very similar to a dark resin. Those “in the know”, know that in Russia it is necessary to bring this wonderful tool that should, among other things, a penny. Use for cosmetic purposes can be as hair masks: mummy restores them so that even professional cosmetics envy! And even as a wrap against cellulite – also works.

3. Loofah or bast sponges

Many foreigners coming to Russia, first with surprise look at these natural loofah or bast sponges. And then regret that they bought only one, not five! Firstly, because of fashion for organic products in Europe, and secondly, none of the scrub will make your skin as smooth as this eco-sponge.

Source: “3 secret souvenirs from Russia” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community