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Virgo and Aquarius Fairy Tale

Virgo – the brilliant ward of Mercury, the messenger of the gods. The planet protects sweet and mysterious Virgo from complexities and helps her to make important life decisions. Aquarius is protected by Uranus, who is considered the embodiment of the ancient sky. The planet is not simple, loves everything original and strange, so its wards are always looking for non-standard ways of solving problems.

The Virgo appeared under the earthly elements, that’s why she is  so energetic and active, she is in perpetual motion and does not know rest. Aquarius – the air guy. The air of Aquarius under pressure – it seems calm and motionless, but in an instant it can change and turn into a free wind, flying there don’t know where.

The stars believe that the wards of Uranus and Mercury have a great future, if, of course, the earth of Virgo is ok to endure the hurricanes of Aquarius.
Virgo is born in the summer and autumn months, they are ambiguous and incomprehensible to others. The coldness of the earthly children is deceptive – serious passions are raging inside Mercury’s wards.

Aquarius are winter creatures, but they can not be called cold-blooded, most Uranian wards are optimists and merry fellows, they easily make acquaintances and lead an interesting and multifaceted life.

Virgo and Aquarius overstated the requirements for others – the earth-air guys are striving for excellence and on this basis, perhaps, they could create a good and full union. However, Virgo pedants, they do not strive for innovations so much as Aquarius.

But, we will live, we will see – so considering heavenly bodies, take comfortable cloud chairs and star binoculars: the show promises to be interesting. 🙂

Virgo Woman and Aquarius Man

Virgo – Miss Accuracy and Lady Perfection. This earthly cleansing came up with all the commercials for washing powders, she is horribly afraid of infections and microbes and is constantly reinsured. Around the ward of Mercury eternally curled dandies in snow-white shirts and polished boots – you won’t see unclean guys next to a Virgo woman. Lady Virgo is critical of everything – she would have remade the world if there was such an opportunity. Her match ward of Mercury chooses long and carefully, because the future husband must meet all the quality standards. But hubby can be calm – he would not get any horns at his head, but a fresh dinner and clean linen will be constantly.

Aquarius guy – smart, honest, handsome and fair. If in a nutshell, the ward of Uranus is a dream man! Aquarius is an intellectual, he is even born with a set of necessary knowledge. Aquarius is a romantic, he strives for an ideal, and in relations with women, first of all, appreciates sincerity and frankness. Aquarius seeks justice in everything, if an aerial man shows some unhappy and offended person, the ward of Uranus will certainly save the poor fellow. Aquarius pretty often come across treacherous ladies, able to play on his weaknesses – but sooner or later he will cope with any trick. Living with an Aquarius guy is a pleasure – an air hubby will provide the wife with everything necessary, including love and care.


Lady Virgo does not spell beans about her hobbies – she would have a comfortable and cozy corner by the sea or ocean, and she would be happy (you can add five cleaners and dozens of waiters).

Aquarius loves to travel and communicate. He’s like the wind racing for hobbies and does not see a single reason for sadness.
The stars decided to send Virgo woman and a Aquarius man for vacations. Air-terrestrial kids will write off on the Internet and decide on a joint trip (by the way, from the pictures they will like each other instantly).

About how Virgo will prepare for vacations, you can write a whole story – each thing will be numbered, in the socks you will find wrapped stuff against any kind of insects, and in the shirts tonnes of the laundry powders and soap (the main thing is that the guys from the drug control did not think something bad, and do not worry). On the preparations of Aquarius we can say a few words: he put in his pocket only his favorite electric toothbrush or whatever 🙂

When at the airport the man Aquarius saw a lady in snow-white gloves, he wanted to pass by (what a bore!). However, the air guy looked into her eyes and lost – the sight of the earthly beauty is able to charm anyone, and Aquarius rushed to meet her at once, shook Mercury’s trusty hand, and happily puffed.

While the air-earth children were on the plane, everything was perfect: the Aquarius man amused the excited Virgo and mixed her with stories from his busy life. When the dear Virgo, apologizing, walked away on business, Aquarius quietly looked into the phone of the beauty (he had already cudgel his brains, wondering where to invite this unusual lady). Alas, in the phone there was no special information – Virgo woman, is still a cryptographer.

Then Aquarius decided to improvise: only the guys came to the hotel, the air guy bribed the staff, and the room of the Virgo was next door to his room. Aquarius decided to abstain from exotic fruits and exquisite bouquets, because he already realized that the Virgo woman is terribly hypochondriac. The air guy did just that: he bought all the soft toys in the nearest stores, and when the Virgo left the room, the bears, elephants and foxes chorused a merry song.

Virgo was touched, and almost burst into tears, but the Aquarius picked up the Earth lady in his arms and carried her to the gig (for this pleasure was laid out a lot of money).

Dating in the car – romance and passion in one bottle, but everything happened at the seashore – Aquarius, after all, is a prudent fellow. There was an orchestra, and a gorgeous dinner, and romantic music – any lady could resist it, and even the impressionable Virgo, even more so.

The Virgo is created for affection, and the romantic air guy instantly sees in the earthly woman a thin and sensitive nature. When the wards of Uranus and Mercury wake up from the surging feelings, they will again rush into each other’s arms – the attraction between the air guy and the woman of the earth will prove stronger than common sense.

But then the Virgo will remember that they are not on clean sheets in the hotel, but on the sand – there is a darkness of germs and bacteria. The Virgo with a squeal breaks from the Aquarius embrace, and in a panic rushes to shake off. But the airy guy will read the lecture for her, and even say that infections were his thesis at university (of course, half of the information cheerful Aquarius invented, but what you will not do for the sake of the love?).
Before the meeting with Virgo woman, the Maiden air boy was not touch pole registry office with a ten foot, but now he has firmly decided to visit this mysterious institution. When Aquarius and Virgo strolled through the city, Aquarius could spend hours looking at wedding dresses on mannequins. The wise Virgo guessed that Aquarius does not make proposal, as he is afraid of refusal. And the earthly beauty just hinted to arrange rehearsal of the engagement (she says, she saw it in one movie, and very much wants to try).

When Aquarius and Virgo return to their homeland, they will be greeted by an enthusiastic crowd of common friends: everyone is interested in seeing their friends’ favorites.

But here is the common life, and the first difficulties. Virgo will be horrified when Aquarius brings her to his apartment. No, everything is clean and tidy, but a bunch of different technology that emits an infection is a nightmare! But Aquarius and then figure out what to say: he will fill the Virgo with technical terms, and will convince the earthly lady that all monitors are safe, and the system block is no worse than aquarium fish.
The ward of Uranus will be very nervous when he returns home from work one day, and finds the Virgo in the library, all the books are arranged according to growth and color, the documents are processed with chemicals, and the ancient volume of poems broke up into atoms, because it could not stand the interaction with modern powders .

But when the air guy looks into the box with socks, he will be pleasantly surprised – the steam will be added by a dozen or more, all the socks will be numbered by the days of the week, and – ironed!

Aquarius is known to be an optimist, he will decide to remake the Virgo, and in some ways even succeed – a Uranus  ward will shut off the water, and the Virgo will forget how to wash her hands every two minutes!

Aquarius guy – reliable and thorough, if he decides to make a proposal to the Virgo, then everything will be in the best shape, and the wedding should be chic and unforgettable (he is sure that he will marry once and for all).

Engagement rings Aquarius will order in the best jewelry workshop, the rings will be amazingly beautiful, of course, with engraving and other attributes of great love. Describe wedding gowns of this couple – ungrateful business, such words simply have not yet been invented, one thing is for sure: the air guy’s suit was impeccable, and the dress of the earth beauty is above all praise!
Toast-master was a descendant of some sorcerer, the waiters were entirely of princes and kings, and the music played exclusively “live” (from where Aquarius extracted these violinists and pianists no one knows, but the air guy spent more on musicians than on the whole wedding) .
The first couple of years the family life of air-terrestrial creatures will be ideal and cloudless, but then there will be storks and disagreements about the methods of upbringing. Mummy Virgo – correct and conservative, the kids live by the principle: step to the left and flogging, step to the right – depriving the computer for a week! But Aquarius  Dad is another matter, his technique is simple: mutual understanding and trust. The children will quickly figure out how to use the features of their parents’ characters: by ten years old they will sit comfortably around neck of the strict Virgo mother and will go down to play with Aquarius’s father.


When these lovebirds grow old, they will finally realize their old dream and go on a round-the-world trip. The old lady Virgo will resist for a long time, but the ingenious old man Aquarius hints some sleeping pills into her tea, and simply immerses her on the plane.


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Water, tea, juice or coffee?

Hello friends!

All of us at least once per life had these heart to heart talks at the kitchen.

Lately I was playing the role of that shoulder to cry on. My friend was asking me an love advice about her boyfriend, who not paying her much attention.

And yes, I had a good answer to stop her tears. Want to share this answer with you as it is – in form of parable.

Just imagine, you are lost at foreign city, you are trying to find the way back to hotel (no maps or mobile device for this, sorry), weather is terrible… Finally you are feeling so exhausted and thirsty, that entering random seems to be cozy cafe on your way. You are asking about glass of water, but this is special cafe – they don’t have water, juice, tea, only coffee….

But you don’t like coffee, actually, you feel terrible after drinking it – insomnia, fast heartbeating, blood pressure goes up…. So you understand the consequenses, right?

But you feel so exhausted, you don’t want to go out in that crazy weather and search for other cafe with your favourite tea, you feel that you couldn’t make any step and agreed for coffee… Yes, you have brief few minutes relief drinking hot tasty coffee.  And have this all – blood pressure, heart beating, insomnia… Who forced you? No one.

Lesson: the so with love, you shouldn’t turn your need for love into the thirst for love. 

If you sees person mistreat you time after time, you know the consequenses, right?

So, go out and got yourself desirable jinger tea!

But you must choose that scary uncertainty.  Because everything have it’s price. Difference only: now you are paying your tears for shit, when better pay with your smiled eyes for love.



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Tell this to him and make him happy!

In everyday life we often forget that relationship needs support and attention. It is important to constantly confirm your relevance and partner attachment. These phrases will help you to improve relations with the beloved!

I would like to spend time with you!

Perhaps you have today an important business meeting, which you can not cancel. Did you go in the evening on the parents’ meeting or to relatives. Even if you do not spend the evening with husband, tell him that phrase!

Thank you for your call!

Yes, you think that he is obliged during the day to call you a couple of times, or send you a message. But who among us loves their obligations? But when you express gratitude to him for such a small sign of attention, he will be happy to call you in the future.

What pleased you today?

If you use this phrase instead of the usual words: “How are you?”, You will hear not a standard “all right”, and a more detailed response. This phrase you show that you are really interested in his case. In addition, you can help your husband to focus on the positive, which is always there, even in the most difficult situation.

Let me help you to find it!

You know very well that men often lose their socks in the house, charging for phone, pens and notepads. Instead of usual reproach him for distraction (which, incidentally, does not help him to become more attentive), offer your help! He will thank you for the indulgence of his little weaknesses.

Help me to understand!

No one can be an expert in all areas, and you – not an exception. But it’s nice when your husband feel like a man who is able to save his woman out of trouble, even such tiny as correct filling receipts, translation from English catchy phrases or the development of the operating principle of the new blender.

I’ve always sleeps better when you’re around!

You can wake up five times a night because of snoring or the faithful from time to time during the night to take away from him his part of the blanket in which he tries to wrap himself completely. Yet the fact that of all the men you have chosen him, so close to him to fall asleep and wake up, it means a lot!


Make him happy


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Which love could last forever?

Dear friends!

Remember how the existentialist philosophers have recognized the strength, beauty and greatness of life.They had to take the absolute inevitability of death.

Hazards of Love, too, need to realize that to accept that love from the beginning moves to the end, take a risk, which is present from the first day in the relationship.

And when we clearly understand this, in our relationship suddenly starts to sound a note of contrast, which transforms the melody of love.

This tune is becoming much more subtle and profound than the frivolous misconception “we are the one”.

Only feeling that our love every day draws to the end, we begin to truly appreciate our partner, his feelings, and every moment with him.

And such love can, I believe, last forever – until we are alive.


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Polar bear effect

To the history of the world’s psychology polar bear came through Russian classics Leo Tolstoy – or rather, his elder brother. The future writer lived with his brothers at Yasnaya Polyana. There’s the boy created a secret “aunts brotherhood”, one of whose objectives was to do so, “so that people did not know any misfortunes, never quarreled, and do not be angry, and would be constantly happy.” To achieve the goal it was necessary every day to carry out certain tasks, the most difficult of which invented the eldest brother, Nicholas. He decided that for the happiness we must stay in a corner and did not think about a white bear. “I remember … I tried, but could not help but think of a white bear …” – write many years later Leo Tolstoy in “Memoirs.”

Much later, in the 80s, the story caught the attention of the American social psychologist Daniel Wegner. He gave the same task to the students. Despite clear instructions, participants of experiment not just barely suppressed thoughts of the forbidden white bear: his image pop up in their mind with obsessive frequency.”The effect of the polar bear” (also called “boomerang effect” and “effect of ironic process”) is perfectly applicable to human relations. After parting with a person important to you, we make a conscious decision to avoid thinking about him (her). But in the end we are more hung up on him.

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Fault in our stars

It all starts with the myth that the meeting is not accidental, as ordained by fate. People are surprisingly romantic – they easily create what is called “the myth of destiny.” We are all looking for a symbolic coincidence, proving that our meeting was a foregone conclusion. After the fact, we see in this the hand of fate …

This is a necessary fiction, which gives deeper meaning to the existence of a couple. Here we are in the power of magical thinking, in the irrational and poetic. We believe in this myth, which does not recognize as a myth, otherwise we would have ceased to believe in it!

Myth exalts the meeting, making it a miracle. This is the first pillar of the common faith of partners when the relationship is still only added up. If you did not have this fundamental myth from the beginning – for example, if the two become a couple because the woman has become pregnant, or when one of the two cannot choose between several “contenders” – pair becomes functional community of two people, no more.



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Fear of love

Fear is not possible, and not necessary to eradicate completely – a healthy share of fear protects us from real dangers, it helps to avoid stepping on the familiar “rake”. Well, when fear works as a sign “Do not enter – kill!”, Indicating areas where you really should not go. But what if the fear is too much and such signs are hanging everywhere, making it difficult to live a full life?

Do not avoid the reality, and to test it. This is the best defense. If you are afraid of the dark streets, what will be better – at nightfall to not leave the house at all? Overcome yourself and walk through the darkest alleys in spite of fear? Or explore the self-defense techniques and consider safe routes? Security in a relationship – it is cautious, careful attention to yourself, understanding of own needs.

Imagine that your heart – it is a beautiful flower. Draw it, think it a name. Describe care instructions: the conditions in which the plant flowers, and in which – wasting away? The next step: move into the mind of your friends and determine next to any of them the flower fades, and with whom – spreads its leaves and petals and joyfully reaches for the sun and life?[/b]When applied to everyday life it is called a test – the ability to look closely to the people to determine next to whom you feel well, and with whom – bad, how and why is it like you can do as well as it is impossible. This skill develops into contact with others and if to avoid this contact, it does not appear.