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About love and about my cat

Dear friends!

Apart from the usual love is also inhuman. Mighty and unconditional, it is not traded, demands nothing and forgives everything.

OTHER – from love to children to the homeland – which WE LOVE FOR SOMETHING OR CONTRARY. BUT WITH CAT TAKE NOTHING, I LOVE it BECAUSE IT IS.

– So, – I say alone – the LORD loves human.

– So, – tell me many people – the human loves the LORD.

– So, – I will answer them openly – I love my cat.

Of course, “mine” I can call it only because it has no surname, and it enjoys mine during a visit to the vet.

Since the cat is incomprehensible being as proven by since, so far I cannot insist on reciprocity of my feelings. It is enough that it does not mind. In fact, it is – grey battery so selfless love, and that it is not compared with anything. The rest – from children to the country – we love or for something or despite everything. But the cat is nothing to take, so I love it just because it is, as a widow Pshenitsyna loves Oblomov: “All about him is he so good, he is so pure, could do nothing and does.” My cat does not catch mice. Why should I have them? I need a clean – undiluted passion, benefits and self-esteem – love. To experience it, we are like God, we must take a step back and return to the earth and bow down before a creature the size of our love. With this – the divine – point of view, the ideal size of a cat. It has a free will, but it does not abuse it. Cat smart enough to not talk with us. It knows what it wants, and certainly do not envy me. In my opinion, only interspecies love is happy without reciprocity.

So happy in love

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There is no tomorrow

Hello, dear friends!

Want to dedicate this post to motivation.

During last time I am using this picture of Fat Prince as wallpaper at my phone.

I already wrote blog post about this cat, and now time to go deeper.

Here, looking at the dozing cat, and my heart is peace. Even envy to some extent, I think that such a role goes to those who are overworked in his past life.

Typical life of domestic cat looks like: eat, wash, sleep, go to the toilet and eat again, everything in the same order in a circle: laziness even don’t let him to look at the window for the sparrows.

Fat Prince

And, on the other hand – your life, each and every day you overcome with different wishlist: need to do something and do something in time.

So, every time I take my phone, distracted by any nonsense, look at Oblomov in this cat’s performance and understand, it is necessary to move.

Whatsup can wait, vk can wait, no one will die if will get my reply later, when I have mood and time for it.

After all, there is no tomorrow (cat’s tomorrow with its delicious predictability). All you need to do – do it today!


Добрый день, дорогие друзья!

Сегодняшний пост посвящается мотивации.

В последнее время на заставке моего телефона поселился Жирный Принц.

Я уже писала пост о нем, так вот настало время рассказать немножечко больше.

Вот смотришь на дремлющего котика, а на душе такое умиротворение. Даже завидуешь в какой-то степени, думаешь, что такая роль достается тем, кто в прошлой жизни слишком уж перетрудился.

У домашнего кота какая жизнь: поел, умылся, поспал, в туалет сходил, снова поел и все в том же порядке по кругу: даже в окно за воробьями наблюдать лень.

А тут живешь, одолеваемый разными хотелками: и то сделать, и то успеть.

Так вот, каждый раз, когда беру в руки телефон, отвлекаясь на какую-нибудь чепуху, смотрю на этого Обломова в кошачьем исполнении и понимаю, надо шевелиться.

Вотсап подождет, вконтакте тоже, никто не умрет, если я отвечу позже, когда у меня будет для этого время и настроение.

Ведь завтра (кошачьего завтра, с его вкусной предсказуемостью) нет.  Все, что нужно, делайте сегодня!


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Weekly Fluff: Oubrix and Fat Prince

Dear friends!

Today I want to introduce you a wonderful family couple of furry and fat cats – Oubrix and Fat Prince.

But sometimes I wanna call them insta-wife and insta-husband, they make impression of such duet.


Generally, this is happy couple of honored retirees (they are 7 and 9 years old). Their daily routine consists of sleep, food, sunbath at the windowsill and trips to the toilet (Hobbit: there and back, you know 🙂 ).

But sometimes curiousity teases their souls. Than Fat Prince appears in front of us in image of Diogenes, chasing down real people with a lamp, and Oubrix – such a lovely housewife at the absence of her husband equipping the house according to the rules of feng shui. After all, her husband comes home tired and take a nap next to the same lamp, because the place close to the three elephants (they ensure harmony in the various spheres of life) has long been chosen by herself. Therefore she is sitting at home, not running around with a lamp ….


Just 2 usual cats, few not perfect photos, but how inspirational they can be!


Добрый день, дорогие друзья!

Сегодня хочу представить вам замечательную семейную пару пушистых и упитанных котиков – Оубрикс и Жирный Принц.

Но мне порой хочется называть их инста-жена и инста-муж, они производят впечатление такого дуэта.

В общем и целом, это счастливая семейная пара заслуженных пенсионеров (котикам 7 и 9 лет), дневной распорядок которой составляет сон, еда, солнечные ванны на подоконнике и походы в туалет (почти как в “Хоббит: туда и обратно”).

Но иногда в них просыпается любопытство. Тогда Жирный Принц предстает перед нами в образе Диогена, упорно искавшего людей с фонарем, а Оубрикс – такая себе хозяюшка, в отсутствие мужа обустраивающая дом по всем правилам фен-шуя. Ведь муж устанет, и вернется домой вздремнуть у того же фонаря, так как место у трех слоников, гарантирующих гармонию в разных сферах жизни, давно уже облюбовала она сама. Потому и сидит дома, а не бегает с фонарем по улице….

Всего лишь два обычных кота, пара не идеальных фото, но насколько вдохновляющими они могут быть!



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Welcome home

Dogs and cats have own vision of the world and of your home too. Therefore, if you do not want to argue with pet of whose chair in front of the TV, you should prepare your apartment for appearance of pet in advance for.

Protect flowers.

Whom and from whom should be protected – not a simple question. Cats may chew your green spaces. On the other hand, if on the windowsill grows cacti, they can injure the animal. In any case, to help this you should buy a special terrarium for plants.

Cover furniture.

Coffee table legs will be subjected to merciless chewing or scratching. Wrap them thin twine, and it protects the furniture, and be able to work for scratching nails if you own a cat.

Divide space.

Wardrobe often becomes a stumbling block in relations with cats: they sleep in them, generously leaving fur on things. Well, let’s go make concessions: leave one shelf is empty, so the animal slept there.

Make a toy. Permanently captivate animal is easy: you can throw around the apartment headless carcasses of rats. Or take a box, cut a few holes in it and put the ball (slightly larger in diameter than the hole) inside. Your Barsik will go mad, trying to scratch out a toy!

Save the keyboard. If you don’t want such distraction as cat lying on your keyboard or making mess at your working table – put the box next to your workplace. The cat is likely to nestle in it, not on your table or laptop.


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