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Such a movie! 

Unusual. Especially for those who are accustomed to Hollywood movies, where the director tries to convey all the details of the plot and characters to the audience.

Here, the creators decided to do otherwise, they can hope that their audience was reading comics, or intrigued by the film and decides to read it. Or do they just filmed it. In my opinion, it turned out well: we are together with the main characters plunge into a new unknown world, and that we have understood nothing:

– Why some people look as humans and others as computer graphics?

– What is the “zone of invasion»?

– What is ‘Eugenics’ about?

– Where in the New York is piece of Paris?

– What brings the pyramid to hang in the sky over New York?

On some questions we will find answers together with movie heroes, for other – no. But it does not break the perception of the film. You flows into the inner rhythm of film watch it fascinatedly.This visual component plays great role: it is decorated in dark colors, occasionally dilatable by spots of blue and red. The city’s future atmosphere looks like sixties. Especially this contributes to the impression of music – in some places it is like playing on the gramophone. And the car, which are many in the film – the old, and a room at Jill’s flat – though dilapidated. So her appearance in the world, the birth of a child – it is something new that carries update this world which is far from ideal.But in the film all the attention paid to the main characters, their relationships, and may feel that they cannot be carried on – love conquers all. I do not think that this film contains lot of philosophy, but, again, the special rhythm of the film, the internal stress, the strange poetry – all this sets a certain way, on the kind of philosophizing about the whims of life. Do not wait for revelations – you just have to watch and listen.



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Groundhog Day

Dear friends! Yesterday, with my boyfriend we were watching nice comedy. Probably, you know this film. At first glance, “Groundhog Day” seems to be the usual comedy, but if you review it more carefully, it becomes clear that the movie teaches us how to stop taking his own life as a series of identical and dreary days. In other words, this film can become a kind of master class on making changes in their own lives. From the touching stories that happened in a small American town of Punxsutawney, there are three basic ideas that will help to become happier.

First idea: work on oneself brings us closer to perfection”Groundhog Day” is an ingenious experiment to slow time, the results of which show that it is necessary to use every day to the maximum and live life to the fullest.

Second Idea: harmony withinThe protagonist of “Groundhog Day” of conceited egotistical narcissist has become a sympathetic, romantic man seeking help neighbor. It turns out that it is also a history of self-consciousness. It’s an adventure in which the hero cultivators and stands on the path of self-transformation.

Third idea: we have everything you need to be happyPhil Connors, a television commentator, before his death, tired of his job, he was deeply hated holiday “Groundhog Day” in a remote town, whose residents, in his opinion, do not shine intelligence, and the hotel is just terrible. Gradually, however, the hero discovers that this hell is not really so terrible. This does not change anything except personal relationships Phil Connors in the surrounding area. That confirms the thesis: “if you can not change the situation, try to change their attitude to it.” To do this, you can even keep a special journal, writing down every little thing that makes us feel happier. It is particularly important to detect the pros at a time when we failed, upset or angry with life.

Source: “”Groundhog Day” as a way of personal growth” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community

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The changes – always for the better.

Everyone wants something to happen, and everyone is afraid, as if something did not happen – this phrase of the poet and musician Bulat Okudzhava is the best characterized our attitude to changes. In everyone’s life sometimes occur events that change all the things to which we are so accustomed to, and after which life can no longer be the same.

Feeling the fear of life’s changes – it is normal, but to oppose them – not the best idea, because people are getting only those tests, which can cope with.Today, I suggest you to watch a movie that proves that the changes – always for the better.

The film “Larry Crowne” was completely created by Tom Hanks: he acted as director, screenwriter and producer. He played the main role in the film, making a couple with Julia Roberts. Hero of the Hanks – successful manager in the company, which is fired, because he has not received higher education. In utter confusion, he still decided to start over and go to college, where he meets the heroine of Julia Roberts, who played his teacher.

This film proves that a new start is possible at any age, the main thing – the desire to make it.

Source: “The changes – always for the better” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community

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What can you learn about men from the TV series?

How to understand the man?

Perhaps there is nothing that brings out the spirit of the era and its idols as serials. Soaps are full facial features: coarse animal lone wolf, a champion of justice. They reflect the different facets of masculinity. Lets talk about some characters!

Walter White from “Breaking Bad”: the one who has nothing to lose. Anyone could be at the place of Walter White. World of the hero begins to crumble when the day after his fiftieth birthday, he discover that he has lung cancer. Walter, the usual chemistry teacher is not able to either pay for treatment, or provide his family. It was then that his life and took a completely different turn. He became a partner of Jesse Pinkman, his former student and known drug dealer, and together they take up the manufacture of methamphetamine …. Sweet, shy, Walter is now on friendly terms with the drug lords, money was flowing river, he regained his sense of seething youth. That’s just sooner or later he will have to pay for his mad rush …

Frank Underwood from “House of Cards”: obsessed with powerThe President United States didn’t make him Secretary of the State, although he had promised. Now Frank is obsessed with the idea of settling in the White House. He’s not one of those who is ready to forgive and turn the other cheek. Betrayal will inevitably be followed by a cruel revenge. Manipulation, conspiracy, blackmail … Frank is ready for everything to come to power. If words do not work, then the blood is shed. Possessed of boundless lust for power, Frank is full of calculating cynicism. But his anger destroys everything in his path, including his own soul. It could be called Margaret Thatcher in trousers: he is as inflexible and cold-blooded. In short, the iron gentleman.

John Snow of the “Game of Thrones”: a lone wolfJon Snow, bastard son of noble Ned Stark – perfectly painted image of an oppressed person who is in search of heroic destiny, to justify his existence. Snow attached to his family, but there is no place for him, he can not fully show himself there. So he chooses exile and becomes part of the watch, guarding the border. Escaping from his doubt, he feels his strength in the face of danger, feeling truly alive only in the midst of battle. Endowed with a romantic nature, having nothing to what can be attached, he chooses the path of risk. And death.

And which TV heroes you can list here? Tell us about their characters 🙂

Source: “What can you learn about men from the TV series?” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community

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Experience is always in fashion

Dear friends! Want to share with you impressions of movie I have seen lately. This is ‘The Intern’ with Robert de Niro in lead role.

Now, please, watch the trailer and after read my impressions of this movie and decide to watch it or not.

At the background of hipsters at half-mast jeans and sneakers, with laptops and tablets under their arms, the main character looks like a museum piece – in ironed suit and tie.

The oversight as assistant to the bustling chairwoman, he is simply forgotten. And he finds what to do by himself.

Ben makes at least 4 instructive things for which it is worth seeing this film.

1. He does not play offense and not waiting for acknowledge of his experience.

2. He is active: outside the scope of official duties, and does not shun any work, even that which seems to be not stuck him not by years or in white-collar position. For Ben it is not difficult to make out the blockage on the office desk or to offer his services as a chauffeur. He did not ignorirruet new realities and Internet, makes page in social networks, trying to understand the problem of office boys.

3. He is calm and confident in his abilities, and his self-esteem can not shake any sidelong glances, not yet undiscovered new technologies.

4. Ben does not look as mentor who looks condescendingly on the “youngsters”. His colleagues he treats as if they were peers, and putting himself in their shoes.

As a result, his advice on sales, on seduction of girls and on time management are effective.

No wonder the slogan of the movie – “Experience is always in fashion”

Source: “Experience is always in fashion” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community