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Waiting for the evening

Dear friends!

Outside, frosty and sunny, but I don’t want to go out to work. Today I would prefer to stay at home, in warm. This evening, after work I want to finish this embroidery with company of “Westworld” series.

Who has not watched I recommend it (especially likely to appeal to fans of science fiction)! Time will not be wasted. That only is the cast (Hopkins, Harris, Wright) and music (composer Games of Thrones, of Radiohead, Amy Winehouse and others in and performance of mechanical piano), and of course the idea of “person can be modeled on the tablet, and fact that we are no different from machines. So waiting for the evening impatiently.


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Summer Needs to Slow Down

Dear friends!

Want to share with you most memorable moments of my summer.

First of all – it’s walks under strong summer rain! Wet, wet, wet!

Secondly, I learn to draw abstractions and even prepare few drawings for collective exhibition.

Thirdly, I managed somehow to make 10 mln of turnover per one day – this is my highest. Still working on my system and improving my skills – summer gave me a lot of free time for trading, so I am excited.

From one of my trips I bring unusual fairy-tale pendant. Look at this yellow cutie! Fans of Pokemongo surely will envy me! 🙂

During camping I observe Perseid meteor shower and make a lot of wishes!

Seeing 2 rainbows in my favorite fountain.

Discovering new taste with challenge wakeupurself, really, never thought that cottage cheese with herbs and garlic can taste so good.

Watching horror movie being home alone late evening! That is great achievement for me!

Out of competition is my trip to Turkey during the dramatical events on July 16th.

But I prefer to tell you about positive things which worth the #100HappyDays list.

And this is:

– Eating a lot of Turkish ice-cream (I can’t eat any other after my trip, it seems tasteless!!!!!).

– Shopping at the Grand Bazar! Go for Gold mission complete!

– Trip to the Princess Islands – this peace of paradise on Earth!

– Drinking real Turkish tea at the rooftop and observing all historical buildings around.

– Feeding seagulls, they are so happy I came back here! Need to notice, me too!

– Feeding cute and furry homeless kitten. I wish I could take you home!

– Eating tasty borek with fish and listening beautiful live music.

Ok, lets sing with her:

(Wish I could) Forget the day that we first met,

(Wish I could) Forget that I love you,

(Wish I could) find another world…which you are not in.


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About love and about my cat

Dear friends!

Apart from the usual love is also inhuman. Mighty and unconditional, it is not traded, demands nothing and forgives everything.

OTHER – from love to children to the homeland – which WE LOVE FOR SOMETHING OR CONTRARY. BUT WITH CAT TAKE NOTHING, I LOVE it BECAUSE IT IS.

– So, – I say alone – the LORD loves human.

– So, – tell me many people – the human loves the LORD.

– So, – I will answer them openly – I love my cat.

Of course, “mine” I can call it only because it has no surname, and it enjoys mine during a visit to the vet.

Since the cat is incomprehensible being as proven by since, so far I cannot insist on reciprocity of my feelings. It is enough that it does not mind. In fact, it is – grey battery so selfless love, and that it is not compared with anything. The rest – from children to the country – we love or for something or despite everything. But the cat is nothing to take, so I love it just because it is, as a widow Pshenitsyna loves Oblomov: “All about him is he so good, he is so pure, could do nothing and does.” My cat does not catch mice. Why should I have them? I need a clean – undiluted passion, benefits and self-esteem – love. To experience it, we are like God, we must take a step back and return to the earth and bow down before a creature the size of our love. With this – the divine – point of view, the ideal size of a cat. It has a free will, but it does not abuse it. Cat smart enough to not talk with us. It knows what it wants, and certainly do not envy me. In my opinion, only interspecies love is happy without reciprocity.

So happy in love

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Dear friends!

I love to go out with my gang of girlfriends and have lots of fun attending different events such as flash mobs, quest rooms etc.

And today I want to share a special summer event (Just like summer camp for kids) with you. For the past five years in summers, almost every Wednesday evening, I do not plan anything, but wait for my friends to join me because I am sure to go to dance at the river bond with them.

At Lopan waterfront, the professional choreographers teach everyone to dance art of the last century. Let me also tell you we bunch of friends are crazy for dance or maybe we became friends because we love to dance. We can learn how to dance the mazurka, polonaise or quadrille in the center of Kharkov absolutely free.

At seven o’clock in the evening people come to the waterfront. Several dozen pairs for old music sound unusual but this became very exciting event for all of us. People dance and onlookers watch is very usual scene on Wednesday evening at waterfront. Five years back, I came once with a friend and saw what’s happening, but could not resist and started to dance. And then told other friends and this is our usual practice to hang out at waterfront.

Sometimes dancing and other times just talking while enjoying others dancing.We try to observe the dance traditions of the nineteenth century. In these dances even Waltz position is different from the present – there is no close contact of bodies. Hands are not in the “hand in hand” position – but gentleman one hast wrist supports the tips of the ladies fingers while the other hand on shoulders, and not the lower back.It is very soulful atmosphere at the event, people just mind their dance and have fun.

Also we find the music very interesting which we don’t hear anywhere else. We call it “old disco” jokingly. Certainly this is very enjoyable event for me and my gang. And because summers is approaching this reminded me to hang out with friends on Wednesday evenings. So it is time for some fun again this summer too.


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The Love Of Money


Good day, dear friends!

In this blog, I decided to combine the two points – to talk about what makes me happy, as a part of # 100HappyDays marathone and to share my new painting for the Artist’s steps Marathone.

In fact, it turned out even three in one, but that you will see next.

So the second task of the artistic marathon was to try the frottazh technique. This technique involves the use of flat textured objects (coins, leaves).

They are placed under the paper and carefully shading with simple or not pencil.

This is where there was the use of all of the pot-bellied little things that I brought from trips. 🙂

Pencil strokes looked gray and lonely, so my hand reached for the marker, the bright one.


Thus was formed the heart and the question squarely: The love of money is the root of all evil?

The situation nowadays is just paradoxical: everybody have manic desire of money, but whether they love it?

Some kind of sex without love with money, so they are offended and leave, because just like that, out of friendship or for health, they do not need.

Why am I writing all this, asking you provocative questions?

Therefore, I hope that you share your experiences of relationships with money.

And I will share with you how a simple task and a 15 minutes of drawing can make person happy.

The Love of Money


Доброго времени суток, дорогие друзья!

В этом блоге я решила совместить сразу два пункта – рассказать о том, что делает меня счастливой, в рамках #100HappyDays и поделиться своим шагом художника под номером два.

На деле, получилось даже три в одном, но это вы увидите дальше.

Итак, вторым заданием художественного марафона было попробовать технику фроттаж.  Эта техника предполагает использование плоских фактурных предметов (монетки, листики). Они подкладываются под бумагу и сверху аккуратно заштриховываютя простым или не очень карандашом.

Вот где нашлось применение всей той мелочи пузатой, которую я привезла из путешествий. 🙂

Карандашные штрихи смотрелись серо и одиноко, поэтому рука потянулась за маркером, да поярче.

Так сформировалось сердце и встал вопрос ребром: Любовь к деньгам – корень всех зол?

Ситуация в наши дни складывается прямо таки парадоксальная: все маниакально желают денег, но любят ли их?

Секс без любви прямо какой-то с деньгами, вот они обижаются и уходят, потому что просто так, по дружбе или для здоровья, им не надо.

К чему я это все пишу, забрасываю вас провокационными вопросами?

А потому, что надеюсь, что вы поделитесь своим опытом взаимоотношений с деньгами.

А я поделюсь с вами тем, как простое такое задание и 15 минут рисования могут сделать человека счастливым.  🙂





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100 Happy Days. The Beginning

Привет мои дорогие читатели!

My dear readers!

Около года назад я принимала участие в этом марафоне, но сошла с дистанции на пол-пути.

A year ago I was participated in this marathone, but gave up at the middle of the distance.

В этот раз, надеюсь на свою силу воли к счастью, и на вашу активную поддержку.

This time I hope for my will to happiness and for your active support and feedback.

Давайте будем более внимательны к каждой минуте, которую мы проживаем.

Lets pay attention to each minute we live.

Давайте искать счастье в простых вещах.

Lets search for happiness in single things.

Давайте вдохновлять и вдохновляться каждый день, ВМЕСТЕ!

Lets inspire and get ispired every day, TOGETHER!


Хочу рассказать вам о своем первом #HappyDay в этом эксперименте.

I want to tell you about my first #HappyDay in this experiment.

Как и большинство девушек, я очень люблю ухаживать за собой, поэтому средства по уходу всегда выбираю тщательно, прочитав кучу отзывов.

As a most of the girl I love to take care about myself and usually choose cosmetics and things for body care carefully, reading some refrences before.

Вот и в этот раз я отправилась в магазин косметики, твердо зная, что я хочу. Но, как в анекдоте о женщинах, вышла в магазин за хлебом, а пришла с туфлями и новым шарфиком.

This time I went to the cosmetics store perfectly knowing what I want. But, as in joke about females, she went out to buy a bread, but back home with shoes and new scarf.

Почти горжусь собой, что пошла за шампунем и купила шампунь, но не тот который запланировала.

I am almost proud of myself that I went out for a shampoo and back home with shampoo, but not the one I planned to buy.

Да, изменила своему решению, но осталась верной одной из основных черт своего характера – любопытству.

Yes, I changed my decision, but stay fair to my main character trait – cutriousity.

Все потому, что мое внимание привлекла маленькая симпатичная коробочка с… твердым шампунем! – Вот это да! – сказала я себе, – Такого мы еще не пробовали.

Kharkiv Shampoo

That’s all because a small cute box with… solid shampoo caught my attention! – Wow! – I told myself – This I have not tried yet.

Пару секунд простояла в раздумьях, но сдалась перед восхитительным запахом розмарина, источаемого коробочкой.

A couple of seconds I stood in thought, but gave up to the delightful smell of rosemary, exudes a box.

И вот, сегодня настало время Ч – пора испробовать новинку.

So, today it is time to B – time to try a new product.

Rosemary Kharkov Shampoo

Немного переживала, так как шампунь ассоциировался у меня с мылом, воздействие которого на волосы известно своей плачевностью.

I had some worries, because I was associated this shampoo with soap, the impact of which on the hair is known for its deplorable.

Но в этом случае состав, заявленный производителем (красный перец, свежий сок лука, эфирное масло розмарина) не только сделал мытье головы волшебным ароматическим действом,

но и сделал мои локоны шелковистыми и нежными, как после дорогого французского шампуня.

But in this case, the composition, declared by the manufacturer (red pepper, fresh onion juice, rosemary essential oil) not only turned simple hair washing into aromatic action, but also makes my curls silky and tender, ad after the expensive French shampoo.

Теперь я серьезно начала подумывать над тем, чтобы создать такой себе #Kharkivbox косметических сувениров, отправляемый в разные уголки мира.

Now I seriously began to think over, to create a sort of a cosmetic souvenir #Kharkivbox  to be sent to different parts of the world.

Только вот надо подыскать ему достойных соседей.

Only need to find a decent neighborhood for this shampoo.

Что же, пусть мне везет!

Wish me a good luck! 🙂