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Angel of grass

Dear friends! Summer houses season goes on in Ukraine.

That means that the lawns should be mowed often, otherwise they lose their sight!

But the question is: what to do with mowed grass?

I suggest you make a toy of it!Prepare the material. The general principle: the grass should not be too fresh and not too dry. Too fresh grass, turned into a toy that will rot. Then dry, of course, but it will remain an unpleasant odor. A too dry – will break and crumble.

Therefore, decompose freshly cut grass at the sun and dry in a single day, occasionally poking and checking its status. If it already seems quite dry and pleasant smell of hay, but when compressed in a fist does not crumble, your material is ready. If, however, at your disposal there is a dry hay, you need to moisturize it. To do this, take a small bunch, squirt it with water from a spray and wrap in a thick cloth for an hour or so the moisture evenly distributed throughout the material.Formation of the figure. The technique is very simple. Take a lump of grass, a spool of thread and begin to wrap the wad of thread, gradually giving it shape you want. As necessary, add more and more bundles of grass, achieving the desired shape.If your grass figure being assumed to have long, thin legs, tail or anything like that, insert the wire, so that they are stronger. If you need a figure, firmly standing on their feet, use a strong steel wire. If you want to give small animals some special posture, the best fit flexible copper or aluminum wire.

When the toy is ready, you can add items using beads and ribbons, but I prefer to leave the figure as it is – in its laconic nature.



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Creativity Test

Most of the great discoveries – the result of trial and error. But we do not think about it, because we are convinced that only a select few are able to think creatively and invent something incredible. This is not true. Heuristics – the science that studies the processes of creative thinking – has proven that there is a universal recipe for solving non-standard tasks.

Let’s just check to see how creative you thought.

Do not hesitate and quickly name the poet, part of the body and fruit. Only then read on. In my case answers were: Ahmatova, hand, pineapple.


Most Russians will remember Pushkin or Esenin, nose or mouth, an apple or an orange. This is due to a common cultural code. If you did not mention any of the answers, congratulations: you are a creative person. If the answers match, do not despair – you can develop the creative abilities.

P.S. Sharing with you my new painting from the Uban Sketches course; to draw 20 different trees were quite difficult even for creative person


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Upside Down

I do not believe that Muse is visiting someone. Rather, it is you are visiting it. Scott Belsky

New task in Art Marathon just completed and waiting to be shared.

As they say: Today you turn your view of the drawing. Literally! You will draw upside down. Turn the picture carefully, look at it and try to play. Draw slowly. Make sure that the lines were repeated all the bends and intersections. After you finish, turn your work and source. You will be surprised how well it turns out even the most difficult things to draw!

Yes, yes, this task was difficult, so couldn’t not to complete it without piece of chocolate: not every day we drawing world (or portray) upside down. But you know what? I am quite satisfied with my brief painting.

Just few more creative tasks left, but after this marathon I will join The Urban Sketches course, so there will be always some fresh drawings for you. 🙂

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Dear friends!

The artist must be attentive and inquisitive.

So, our task today was to pay attention to details.

We were looking for rhyming chance, similar faces at the streets.

We didn’t draw, but take a picture of them and pick up the collection.

At the end of the day I realized that this will teach you to look into the usual things, look at them from a different angle.

For example, the close up of hydrangea flower in my home, looks like beautifully shaped piece of butter.

See it yourself:

I recommend pulling in this game your friends and children: it is so exciting!

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Hello, friends! I continue to share with you news of artistic marathon in which I participate.

Today was a game with stencils. It was necessary to cut paper any recognizable form: for example, a cake.

Attach the form to the sheet and paint with the help of fingerprints.

But one only fingerprints!

For this exercise, you can use watercolor, ink, acrylic or gouache.I got here is such a cute cupcake.

But could not fight a temptation to work without Photoshop a bit and that’s what it was transformed. And which image you like best? Let me know in comments

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Shapes and forms

Dear friends! I would like to share with you another creation by me.

New task of Art marathon sounded like: collect ten different cups or spoons or kettles – anything!

What matters is that these objects had one purpose. Outwardly, they must be different from each other.

Draw them on A3 sheet with a fine liner.

Please, note a variety of forms all around us! Even the cups, ordinary plates – are so different! Some are tall and graceful; others are wide and low, all kinds of colors and decors.

That was dinner time and to draw a cups sounds not exciting, because you could not eat them, so I decided to draw an ice cream.

Wish you a happy ice-cream season! 🙂

And about my favorite ice cream read at the next blog 😉


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I continue to share with you a brief reportage about my participation in the marathon – the steps of the artist. So, today we had a job to arrange a performance. Now I will share with you short instruction.

Take the drawing paper and attach it to the wall. Arm yourself with a soft pencil, markers or charcoal stick. Turn on the music. And start! Draw a line as feel: smooth or zigzag, wild, crisp or tender and soft. Do not draw anything specific.

Just line.

But focus on the fact that they are different and correspond to the music. Ensure momentum. Where is the movement? It is important that the wrist has not tense, draw from the shoulder and the elbow. Use both hands, be inspired through music! I advise you to turn on something instrumental or something of the classics (my choice – Adiemus – Songs Of Sanctuary). But the choice is yours.

My performance lasted for few hours, because after drawing few lines, decided to work with colors and filters to it in Photoshop. Here we got few variations:







Which one you like the best? 🙂

The whole process just remind me one thing: