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How does it feel to be someone’s Twin Flame?

If He is your half, He is perceived as absolute perfection.

In the event that He decided to break up, you will accept it and support it, as if knowing that a part can not live without the whole.

Reunification will certainly take place, regardless of external circumstances and in spite of all obstacles.

If two are not one, any little thing can lead to parting, but if they destined for each other, neither distance, nor time impact them, and two will certainly become ONE.

Then it does not matter who and for what responsible in this couple.

Union exists on the basis of internal interaction.

They are together not because of something, but in spite of everything.

Everything comes to life. The flow of true love destroys any obstacles, and its source does not run low ever.

It will fill the united hearts with energy, make them strong.


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The Duet of Water and Wax – Energy, Frozen in Images

Hello, friends! At my Instagram I promised to share with you ancient tradition of Wax Divination.

Here it is.

Despite the fact that Wax Divination can be performed every day from January 6 to 19, the most favorable moment is an Orthodox Christmas Eve.

In the old days, at the Chrismas Eve unmarried girls gathered in a bathhouse or a separate room and held a large number of various fortune-telling, among which was casting on wax. Despite the fact that since than our world has changed a lot, the ritual remained as popular, only doing it alone, without unnecessary witnesses and helpers.

Before Wax Divination you should rinse your face three times with cold water, washing away all the negative energy that has accumulated during the day.

Then it takes a few minutes to look out the window, freeing thoughts of everyday chaos.

After that, lay a white cover on the table – a tablecloth or towel or a napkin, and put on it basin with a snow water! Also you will need a spoon and wax candles. Artificial lighting should be turned off, the whole ritual take place with candlelight. At this point it is recommended to cast a spell on water, which will help to manifest images on wax:

The candle wax fell on you telling me future I will go through. 

This phrase is repeated three times, after which drop candle wax in a prepared spoon and pour it onto the water.

After a couple of minutes, when the wax drops are frozen, you can start analyzing the image.

In order to get the perfect prediction, doing Christmas fortune-telling on wax, you should follow some rules.

Do not use paraffin candles, in magical rituals, special attention is paid to the naturalness of the material, since it is only “living” matter that can hold energy without distorting it. Therefore, church candles or beeswax are ideal for divination. The same applies to water used for ritual – natural water from source or thawed snow is needed. It is ideal to use water taken from the church on Epiphany or other religious holidays. In extreme cases, you can freeze any water, and before the rite let it melt. There is one more, undeservedly forgotten rule: put a small mirror on the bottom of the vessel with water and pour the wax just in the place where it lies. The mirror will reflect energy on the wax more capaciously, and the image obtained during the ritual will contain a maximum of useful information. The use of all these nuances will make it possible to turn the Sacred divination on wax into an impeccable prediction.

Remember, this ritual full of energies: human being, house, elements. When preparing for fortune-telling, your hands touching wax candles. At this moment, the energy of thoughts, feelings, desires and experiences is absorbed into natural material. A similar story with water: it stores information about the house in which the divination is taking place, about the people living there. And the magical energy of Christmas Eve is a catalyst for the unification of all these information fields. The images obtained as a result will show the most important of what can happen to a person during the next year. Naturally, the most important is to correctly explain the symbols. After all, it can be people, animals, and objects. You need to use all your imagination and attention in order to recognize the image. It is important to remember that wax, frozen in the water, very often transmits information about the dangers or threats, as well as about people carrying a negative.

A skeptical attitude toward such predictions can only be found in those who have never encountered such a process. The overwhelming majority of women who received the image of wreath really married and are really happy in marriage, and the owners of the waxy egg safely became pregnant and gave birth to children. The bunch of grapes has established itself as a reliable sign of material prosperity, as it has for centuries prophesied prosperity. A particularly desirable symbol was the horseshoe – a sign of success in all endeavors. Even unfavorable signs, such as the cross, the bed or the snake, very often helped prepare for problems, and in some cases even avoided them. Moreover, there was a tradition – such signs buried in the ground away from home, to lead an unwanted event. Conversely, good wax signs were gently wrapped in a white linen and stored in a secluded place, like a charm. The subtleties of fortune telling on wax, the interpretation of figures were repeatedly described in masterpieces of fiction.