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My Place of Power

Everyone in this world has his place of power. Places of power at our planet – this is something like acupuncture points on the human body, because from the point of view of energy, Earth is a living organism.

Each person as a power-generating object has connections with certain places of power. Some of them are common – everyone knows about them. Other places of power can only be a power tuning fork for some people. It is enough for a person to visit such a place in transit to hear its call.

It happened to me while I traveled to Holland and waited for my next plane at Istanbul airport. After that, I returned to this wonderful city to experience this feeling of an energy boost again.

I fly there every time I need to fix my energy balance.

Places of power don’t hold THEIR people for a long time: fixing their energy balance, they release them into the world, because energy needs to be shared and exchanged.

Every time I am at Istanbul, I feel incredibly happy. From my first time visiting there, I investigated it slowly. I think this is the best thing you can do when you visit Istanbul. Do not rush to visit and see everything:  it is much more important to feel the atmosphere of the city, just wander the streets, and Istanbul itself will show something interesting. Like it happened to me.

Once walking a street at Istanbul I saw a beautiful drawing in the window screen of home interior shop, when I asked seller, she says it’s ancient Turkish art – ebru. I was excited by the desire to learn how to draw an ebru, and at my request the hotel staff enrolls me to a master class of a local master. At that time I back home not with photos of attractions, but with a plump folder of ebru drawings.

I am taking Istanbul and its healing energy slowly. For example, during my next visit I am going to visit Istanbul lighthouses.

Enjoy Istanbul, screaming gulls, incredibly delicious Turkish cuisine, tea, leisurely stroll through the streets without fear of getting lost, make your small tourist discoveries.

And what is your place of power?  Don’t hesitate to comment with a link for your favorite place!!!


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