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Forest Fairy Rings Collection

Dear friends!

This summer I was engaged with wonderful master-classes on making wooden rings.

That seems very hard at the beginning, but with each week it became easier and easier to work with wood and soon the first ring was born.

In general, I made a collection of 12 different rings of different sizes and shapes. Each of them have own unique story behind.

In next blogs I gonna tell you how each of them was created.

I don’t want to keep all 12 of them; I want to share this beauty with other people and hope that 11 rings will find their owners soon.

Just read the stories and think which one sounds good for your heart.

This Forest Fairy Rings collection was made for those people who appreciate connection with nature.

When these rings were created I spent a lot of time at the nature, among flowers, plants, trees. Nature shared with me her magic gifts, including creative ideas, knowledge and healing energy.

When your connection with Mother Earth is broken, you can suffer from anguish and depression, without understanding why. The earth also suffers from a lack of constant “attention from” you.

She needs you to keep in touch regularly with her, surround yourself with the beauty of nature, so she can provide you with useful information.

My rings are part of nature, each one of them have unique shape and color, dictated by nature.

Each my ring made out of wood, which connects you to Mother Earth 24 hours non-stop.

Wearing such wooden rings for already 3 months I feel incredible boost of energy as my connection to Earth was renewed.

Besides, one of these rings can be a great part of your boho-style image.


P.S. Some of these rings already avalible for sale, just check my shop HERE


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