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Tell this to him and make him happy!

In everyday life we often forget that relationship needs support and attention. It is important to constantly confirm your relevance and partner attachment. These phrases will help you to improve relations with the beloved!

I would like to spend time with you!

Perhaps you have today an important business meeting, which you can not cancel. Did you go in the evening on the parents’ meeting or to relatives. Even if you do not spend the evening with husband, tell him that phrase!

Thank you for your call!

Yes, you think that he is obliged during the day to call you a couple of times, or send you a message. But who among us loves their obligations? But when you express gratitude to him for such a small sign of attention, he will be happy to call you in the future.

What pleased you today?

If you use this phrase instead of the usual words: “How are you?”, You will hear not a standard “all right”, and a more detailed response. This phrase you show that you are really interested in his case. In addition, you can help your husband to focus on the positive, which is always there, even in the most difficult situation.

Let me help you to find it!

You know very well that men often lose their socks in the house, charging for phone, pens and notepads. Instead of usual reproach him for distraction (which, incidentally, does not help him to become more attentive), offer your help! He will thank you for the indulgence of his little weaknesses.

Help me to understand!

No one can be an expert in all areas, and you – not an exception. But it’s nice when your husband feel like a man who is able to save his woman out of trouble, even such tiny as correct filling receipts, translation from English catchy phrases or the development of the operating principle of the new blender.

I’ve always sleeps better when you’re around!

You can wake up five times a night because of snoring or the faithful from time to time during the night to take away from him his part of the blanket in which he tries to wrap himself completely. Yet the fact that of all the men you have chosen him, so close to him to fall asleep and wake up, it means a lot!


Make him happy



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