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Such a movie! 

Unusual. Especially for those who are accustomed to Hollywood movies, where the director tries to convey all the details of the plot and characters to the audience.

Here, the creators decided to do otherwise, they can hope that their audience was reading comics, or intrigued by the film and decides to read it. Or do they just filmed it. In my opinion, it turned out well: we are together with the main characters plunge into a new unknown world, and that we have understood nothing:

– Why some people look as humans and others as computer graphics?

– What is the “zone of invasion»?

– What is ‘Eugenics’ about?

– Where in the New York is piece of Paris?

– What brings the pyramid to hang in the sky over New York?

On some questions we will find answers together with movie heroes, for other – no. But it does not break the perception of the film. You flows into the inner rhythm of film watch it fascinatedly.This visual component plays great role: it is decorated in dark colors, occasionally dilatable by spots of blue and red. The city’s future atmosphere looks like sixties. Especially this contributes to the impression of music – in some places it is like playing on the gramophone. And the car, which are many in the film – the old, and a room at Jill’s flat – though dilapidated. So her appearance in the world, the birth of a child – it is something new that carries update this world which is far from ideal.But in the film all the attention paid to the main characters, their relationships, and may feel that they cannot be carried on – love conquers all. I do not think that this film contains lot of philosophy, but, again, the special rhythm of the film, the internal stress, the strange poetry – all this sets a certain way, on the kind of philosophizing about the whims of life. Do not wait for revelations – you just have to watch and listen.




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