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The embroidery

Dear friends!

Do you have hobby? What about embroidery?

In the old times embroidered mainly girls, because they were not allowed to do anything in the field. The land our ancestors considered a manifestation of the feminine energy – a woman giving birth. It was believed that if the seeds sown a girl, they will not germinate because she did not give birth yet.

In Slavic family female responsibilities were distributed as follows: girls embroidered and sew for the whole family, grandmother cooked, looked after the grandchildren, and women, mothers worked in the fields.The girl, who is preparing for the wedding, had to sew some fifty wedding towels, towels for the holidays, shirts and other clothing. And when she got married, she had been prepared clothes; she did not have to spend time and energy later on its implementation. After all, from this point on she had to care for her husband.

Those shirts that she was embroidering transmitted to children and grandchildren. Because then and the fabric was made by hand and embroidery consist of tribal symbols.

Energy, which was filled with such clothes, was passed to future generations. This shirt became a talisman for the person. Our ancestors taught the girls to embroider the age of three, thus they raised their diligence, patience, perseverance and understanding of tribal symbol. Patience, in the first place, it is necessary to reveal a feminine, learn and accept her second half, to be ready for the birth and nurturing of children. Now our young people do not have patience. Couples often diverge, even those who could live quite harmoniously.Via the embroidery is also transferred the family code, family signs. In the old days, each clan had its ancestral symbols.

Do you believe that embroidery can make your wishes come true?

Waiting for your comments 🙂


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