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Fault in our stars

It all starts with the myth that the meeting is not accidental, as ordained by fate. People are surprisingly romantic – they easily create what is called “the myth of destiny.” We are all looking for a symbolic coincidence, proving that our meeting was a foregone conclusion. After the fact, we see in this the hand of fate …

This is a necessary fiction, which gives deeper meaning to the existence of a couple. Here we are in the power of magical thinking, in the irrational and poetic. We believe in this myth, which does not recognize as a myth, otherwise we would have ceased to believe in it!

Myth exalts the meeting, making it a miracle. This is the first pillar of the common faith of partners when the relationship is still only added up. If you did not have this fundamental myth from the beginning – for example, if the two become a couple because the woman has become pregnant, or when one of the two cannot choose between several “contenders” – pair becomes functional community of two people, no more.




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