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Drink and Go!

Dear friends! If you will ask me what is my favorite drink – I will choose Turkish tea.

As the Turks say: “If the Turks during the day did not drink any tea once, the day can be considered lived in vain.” And I feel the same way as they do.

My favorite of all the Turkish tea, there it is called ÇAY. The origin of Turkish tea is claimed from a small town called RIZE situated on the coast Black Sea. In the mid of 1920s on the orders of the founder of the Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Ataturk brought here about 40 tons of tea seeds from Georgia. The special microclimate, mountains, plenty of sunshine, fertile soil, a significant amount of rainfall allowed this tea to produce a rich and a nourishment, great harvest well known around the world. It is believed that Turkish tea does has his special quality and no smell due to the fact that there is no “TIPS” – blossoming buds, which give a unique and distinctive flavor. But, according to experts, the Turkish tea contains lower level of caffeine, with very limited and very tight control of pesticides used for the world production and distribution.

The Turkish tea industry have come up with their own way to bring this drink into a black tea. Often they celebrate and gather together for a simple feast has become their way of life with their well know black tea, in offices and shops, markets and restaurants, and just at a party on the street you will be offered tea as a sign of friendship and hospitality.

In Turkey, the process of brewing tea is a skill and takes time to brew the tea. They use a pot container that consist of two sections brewing kettle, which are placed one over the other. The reason is that the tea leaves in the upper teapot steamed and tea flavor falls down to the lower half of the pot and is believed that the tea in this process is not volatilized. From my trips to Turkey I purchased and brought back a teapot and some packs of tea. So I can brew my own tea the same way and same process that they do it in their country. Turkish tea is very rich with full-flavored and too strong to be consumed in large cups, so it is served in small special glass in the shape of a tulip, which typically have a rim to protect fingers from burn as tea in Turkey is server very hot. Usually I am drink the tea without sugar and with a slice of lemon added. Tea time for me not only time to quench my thirst, but also to relax and time to meditate and reflect in my inner self too.


Enjoy your tea!


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