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People around



I love: YOU, life, chocolate, sing, run, sleep … And I love the subway.

I like to stand in the corner and watch everything that is happening around. I like to treat people’s faces, finding in each something particularly beautiful.

I like to watch people reading a book and smiling, listening to music and nods head to the beat. I like people who laugh loudly and sincerely – they charge with their energy. I especially like to watch pairs: catch their tender glances at each other, snatches of their phrases, hugs.

I like people that are thinking about something. They are oblivious to the fuss. They are passionate about their thoughts.

Have you noticed how many strangers have become familiar to you through the same way every day? With me already greet the student who distributes leaflets at the entrance to the subway, and old grandmother, who always sells flowers in the evening – I am trying more often to buy something from her, and I wish her health.

Notice the people around – is a special joy. See, the guy writes a sms and smiles, having received the answer, see how someone dreaming, drove his station, admire the delicate and tired eyes of grandmother, who probably goes to her grandchildren.

People are especially close when they notice them. Nearly family. We breathe the same air, we go in the same direction, we see each other. For a few minutes we get one. Just go. Just think. Just breathe. And nothing more.



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