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Fear of love

Fear is not possible, and not necessary to eradicate completely – a healthy share of fear protects us from real dangers, it helps to avoid stepping on the familiar “rake”. Well, when fear works as a sign “Do not enter – kill!”, Indicating areas where you really should not go. But what if the fear is too much and such signs are hanging everywhere, making it difficult to live a full life?

Do not avoid the reality, and to test it. This is the best defense. If you are afraid of the dark streets, what will be better – at nightfall to not leave the house at all? Overcome yourself and walk through the darkest alleys in spite of fear? Or explore the self-defense techniques and consider safe routes? Security in a relationship – it is cautious, careful attention to yourself, understanding of own needs.

Imagine that your heart – it is a beautiful flower. Draw it, think it a name. Describe care instructions: the conditions in which the plant flowers, and in which – wasting away? The next step: move into the mind of your friends and determine next to any of them the flower fades, and with whom – spreads its leaves and petals and joyfully reaches for the sun and life?[/b]When applied to everyday life it is called a test – the ability to look closely to the people to determine next to whom you feel well, and with whom – bad, how and why is it like you can do as well as it is impossible. This skill develops into contact with others and if to avoid this contact, it does not appear.


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