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The embroidery

Dear friends!

Do you have hobby? What about embroidery?

In the old times embroidered mainly girls, because they were not allowed to do anything in the field. The land our ancestors considered a manifestation of the feminine energy – a woman giving birth. It was believed that if the seeds sown a girl, they will not germinate because she did not give birth yet.

In Slavic family female responsibilities were distributed as follows: girls embroidered and sew for the whole family, grandmother cooked, looked after the grandchildren, and women, mothers worked in the fields.The girl, who is preparing for the wedding, had to sew some fifty wedding towels, towels for the holidays, shirts and other clothing. And when she got married, she had been prepared clothes; she did not have to spend time and energy later on its implementation. After all, from this point on she had to care for her husband.

Those shirts that she was embroidering transmitted to children and grandchildren. Because then and the fabric was made by hand and embroidery consist of tribal symbols.

Energy, which was filled with such clothes, was passed to future generations. This shirt became a talisman for the person. Our ancestors taught the girls to embroider the age of three, thus they raised their diligence, patience, perseverance and understanding of tribal symbol. Patience, in the first place, it is necessary to reveal a feminine, learn and accept her second half, to be ready for the birth and nurturing of children. Now our young people do not have patience. Couples often diverge, even those who could live quite harmoniously.Via the embroidery is also transferred the family code, family signs. In the old days, each clan had its ancestral symbols.

Do you believe that embroidery can make your wishes come true?

Waiting for your comments 🙂

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Flat lay

Hello, dear friendsI am trying to learn now how to make beautiful pictures in flat lay style.

And want to share one of my attempts today.

Everything precious to my heart – here!

1. Childhood picture with grandfather.

2. Comb, with which grandmother was combing my hair.

3. Hair scrunchie with tea rose, beloved by me in school.

4. Dried rose from a secret admirer.

5. Golden fairy with crystal wings, which makes wishes come true.How many feelings and memories can fit in a single photo! Amazing! I definitely like flat-lays!

Все, милое сердцу – здесь! 1. Детское фото с любимым дедушкой. 2. Расческа, которой расчесывала меня бабушка. 3. Резиночка для волос с чайной розой, горячо любимая мною в школе. 4. Засушенная роза от тайного поклонника. 5. Феечка, исполняющая желания. Как много чувств и воспоминаний может уместиться в одном #flatlay ! Немыслимо!


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Summer Needs to Slow Down

Dear friends!

Want to share with you most memorable moments of my summer.

First of all – it’s walks under strong summer rain! Wet, wet, wet!

Secondly, I learn to draw abstractions and even prepare few drawings for collective exhibition.

Thirdly, I managed somehow to make 10 mln of turnover per one day – this is my highest. Still working on my system and improving my skills – summer gave me a lot of free time for trading, so I am excited.

From one of my trips I bring unusual fairy-tale pendant. Look at this yellow cutie! Fans of Pokemongo surely will envy me! 🙂

During camping I observe Perseid meteor shower and make a lot of wishes!

Seeing 2 rainbows in my favorite fountain.

Discovering new taste with challenge wakeupurself, really, never thought that cottage cheese with herbs and garlic can taste so good.

Watching horror movie being home alone late evening! That is great achievement for me!

Out of competition is my trip to Turkey during the dramatical events on July 16th.

But I prefer to tell you about positive things which worth the #100HappyDays list.

And this is:

– Eating a lot of Turkish ice-cream (I can’t eat any other after my trip, it seems tasteless!!!!!).

– Shopping at the Grand Bazar! Go for Gold mission complete!

– Trip to the Princess Islands – this peace of paradise on Earth!

– Drinking real Turkish tea at the rooftop and observing all historical buildings around.

– Feeding seagulls, they are so happy I came back here! Need to notice, me too!

– Feeding cute and furry homeless kitten. I wish I could take you home!

– Eating tasty borek with fish and listening beautiful live music.

Ok, lets sing with her:

(Wish I could) Forget the day that we first met,

(Wish I could) Forget that I love you,

(Wish I could) find another world…which you are not in.


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Polar bear effect

To the history of the world’s psychology polar bear came through Russian classics Leo Tolstoy – or rather, his elder brother. The future writer lived with his brothers at Yasnaya Polyana. There’s the boy created a secret “aunts brotherhood”, one of whose objectives was to do so, “so that people did not know any misfortunes, never quarreled, and do not be angry, and would be constantly happy.” To achieve the goal it was necessary every day to carry out certain tasks, the most difficult of which invented the eldest brother, Nicholas. He decided that for the happiness we must stay in a corner and did not think about a white bear. “I remember … I tried, but could not help but think of a white bear …” – write many years later Leo Tolstoy in “Memoirs.”

Much later, in the 80s, the story caught the attention of the American social psychologist Daniel Wegner. He gave the same task to the students. Despite clear instructions, participants of experiment not just barely suppressed thoughts of the forbidden white bear: his image pop up in their mind with obsessive frequency.”The effect of the polar bear” (also called “boomerang effect” and “effect of ironic process”) is perfectly applicable to human relations. After parting with a person important to you, we make a conscious decision to avoid thinking about him (her). But in the end we are more hung up on him.

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Fault in our stars

It all starts with the myth that the meeting is not accidental, as ordained by fate. People are surprisingly romantic – they easily create what is called “the myth of destiny.” We are all looking for a symbolic coincidence, proving that our meeting was a foregone conclusion. After the fact, we see in this the hand of fate …

This is a necessary fiction, which gives deeper meaning to the existence of a couple. Here we are in the power of magical thinking, in the irrational and poetic. We believe in this myth, which does not recognize as a myth, otherwise we would have ceased to believe in it!

Myth exalts the meeting, making it a miracle. This is the first pillar of the common faith of partners when the relationship is still only added up. If you did not have this fundamental myth from the beginning – for example, if the two become a couple because the woman has become pregnant, or when one of the two cannot choose between several “contenders” – pair becomes functional community of two people, no more.



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About love and about my cat

Dear friends!

Apart from the usual love is also inhuman. Mighty and unconditional, it is not traded, demands nothing and forgives everything.

OTHER – from love to children to the homeland – which WE LOVE FOR SOMETHING OR CONTRARY. BUT WITH CAT TAKE NOTHING, I LOVE it BECAUSE IT IS.

– So, – I say alone – the LORD loves human.

– So, – tell me many people – the human loves the LORD.

– So, – I will answer them openly – I love my cat.

Of course, “mine” I can call it only because it has no surname, and it enjoys mine during a visit to the vet.

Since the cat is incomprehensible being as proven by since, so far I cannot insist on reciprocity of my feelings. It is enough that it does not mind. In fact, it is – grey battery so selfless love, and that it is not compared with anything. The rest – from children to the country – we love or for something or despite everything. But the cat is nothing to take, so I love it just because it is, as a widow Pshenitsyna loves Oblomov: “All about him is he so good, he is so pure, could do nothing and does.” My cat does not catch mice. Why should I have them? I need a clean – undiluted passion, benefits and self-esteem – love. To experience it, we are like God, we must take a step back and return to the earth and bow down before a creature the size of our love. With this – the divine – point of view, the ideal size of a cat. It has a free will, but it does not abuse it. Cat smart enough to not talk with us. It knows what it wants, and certainly do not envy me. In my opinion, only interspecies love is happy without reciprocity.

So happy in love

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Fashion finding

Dear friends!

I want to share with you a wonderful fashion find.

As you know, I’m big fan of cats, so, the other day, flipping through news at my instagram, found two wonderful cats- bracelets deliberately decided to show you two bracelets at once, to help me to choose. The first – a thick, hommie cat which laid-off on white cushions, the second – a sports fan of night adventures, which one do you prefer?Tell me please, which one to choose, because they will be snap up soon, and I have not chosen yet, but both at once are too expensive.

Waiting for your comments 🙂