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Creativity Test

Most of the great discoveries – the result of trial and error. But we do not think about it, because we are convinced that only a select few are able to think creatively and invent something incredible. This is not true. Heuristics – the science that studies the processes of creative thinking – has proven that there is a universal recipe for solving non-standard tasks.

Let’s just check to see how creative you thought.

Do not hesitate and quickly name the poet, part of the body and fruit. Only then read on. In my case answers were: Ahmatova, hand, pineapple.


Most Russians will remember Pushkin or Esenin, nose or mouth, an apple or an orange. This is due to a common cultural code. If you did not mention any of the answers, congratulations: you are a creative person. If the answers match, do not despair – you can develop the creative abilities.

P.S. Sharing with you my new painting from the Uban Sketches course; to draw 20 different trees were quite difficult even for creative person



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