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Expectation VS Reality

Often there are difference in our expectation and reality. Sometimes less and most of the times vast difference which becomes our horror stories of life. I will tell you two such stories – one extreme OMG story and other somehow happy ending. First story is related to my work. One day, our creative team decided to change the look and image of the woman-traveler which was to be published in a magazine. I found an interesting make-up and our make-up artist has agreed to do it, but with her artistic interpretation. After Makeup it turned out to be real horror story as pictures were looking real ugly. And till now, I cannot look at these photos. Could you, if at your face there are camels, apparently escaped from McDonald’s?

The second story is about the purchases. I have a favorite online Ayurvedic shop; I remained satisfied with the products I bought till I bought the solid perfume. I bought dry perfume earlier in France, and was very happy. And then I wanted to try Ayurvedic solid perfume.Product description felt quite exquisite.

It said Afrodesiya perfume’s aroma is light, refined and intoxicating. Its fragrance gives self-confidence, has anti-depressant properties. Ingredients mentioned were beeswax, aloe vera, jojoba oil and wheat germ oil.I ordered the product and after wait got a treasured jar in my hands. I thought that I got the most valuable perfume. But when I opened the jar: It smelled very badly. It was feeling of suddenly become homeless. Such was the smell of the perfume. With the disappointment I called the store, to tell them that they sent me old product which is beyond expiry date. The seller very politely asked me to put the perfume on my skin, and then to smell. And to call them back if it still feel the same bad smell. I controlled myself and put the perfume on my skin and then after coming into contact of fresh air it felt somehow better. However I was not fully convinced. After trying some more times I somehow liked the aroma as it was soothing. But after that incident I try not to order perfume online unless I am sure. And still I come across expectation and reality issue now and then.

After all, nothing is 100 percent perfect.



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