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Behind every brilliant representative of men there is world created by him.

And if such a world cannot be heard, not seen, not felt? Then either we are absolutely not interested in our partner, or in front of us is not a man, but a boy. I will specify: the child psychologically, in the male form, can exist in seventy years – strictly speaking, this quality does not depend on the age.

Try to ask yourself the question: why some men, we organically relax, feel soft, docile, feminine, and communication with other forces us to turn into a loud bossy and urge them, constantly monitoring every action?

If you want to find a partner for life, then try to see, to find out, to feel the world, the construction of which he is engaged. And only then, when you will feel comfortable inside this world, you can pay attention to his appearance and his wallet.

Strictly speaking, a wise woman chooses not a man, but arrayed him world.It was only when she saw her place, her role in the process she calmly and majestically get into it. Believe me, under these circumstances, the joint life has a chance to become harmonious. Do you know why? Yes, because you will not immediately alter your man under yourself and declare him your conditions!

Man’s loneliness – psychologically not less terrifying phenomenon than a female. Imagine the state of the Builder, who sees that created him with tremendous efforts world is useless: not populated with children, deprived of female love – there is no life … Which emptiness in this case may be in the men’s heart! Look closely, and you will see to what extent these “real and cool” – emotionally vulnerable, in fact, very romantic and they fear such displays within themself! That is it, the duality of man’s nature: the outwardly presented coldness of exploited social masks, and inside, where there is deep, deep, hidden thirst for simple and open cordial relations. Believe me; they are attracted not only to women’s biology, most of the application of this – just bravado! Subconsciously, our satellites feel that it is a loving feminine space can bring to their hard concrete structures and constructions sense, the presence of life. That’s why they need us!
Psychologically, the male way of implementation is very complex, because it forces to go beyond the mental and physical capabilities; it requires a maximum degree of involvement. At the beginning of the life social struggles is perceived as an exciting game, but time passes – one program is replaced by another, the enthusiasm starts to fall, and the vital question popped up in the mind – for whom? And if at this moment there is no family or the woman he loved, the answer yourself is very difficult. Therefore, they, of course, get tired …  Stress relief with sex or alcohol over time seems to be not that effective, and the soul is not going away, demanding its “emotional air.” No matter how they disguised, still this inner duality of man’s nature – the existence of a rigid social force and emotional vulnerability – will not hide. This is, strictly speaking, what is the secret of man’s desire to be next to their women. Letting us into their world, men, of course, hope that it is not supposed betrayals, the bases, frank bargaining in relations.
And the final conclusion: if a number of men and women over the years do not get tired of each other to show attention and trepidation to this creative partnership, it means that they are aware of transforming the meaning of their work together. “By helping to uncover the other, in fact, you reveal yourself” – it’s not even a secret, and the great law of love.


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