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Once at Istanbul, we dined with local friends in a fish restaurant, and we were suddenly and urgently, without delay wanted an ice cream for dessert. We walked straight to the Old Focha.

There were other ice-cream at the waterfront, but we are not looking for easy ways. Why? Because we get up in the very long line. Waiting lasts about 20 minutes, and during that time you need to decide what kind of ice cream to choose from.

– I want a lemon, mandarin and chestnut.

– No, that’s a bad combination, take instead of mandarin mint, – advise friends.

– I think between mint and peach. Or, almond, peach and melon?

Everyone must eventually make their own decisions in the face of iceman.Behind these sweet doubts and hesitations comes our turn.

I frantically crying out something from the subconscious seem to be a rose, walnut and caramel. Woman after us left with giant cone with 10 or even 12 balls – so much waiting!

We concentrated on eating our dondurma: tasty ice cream, but this very expectation that resembles roller coaster, even tastier.

What else can unite strangers more than a choice between almond and lavender in a freshly baked crispy cone?


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