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Top 3 NOT to DO

If you’re a fan of lists and you manage to benefit from them, I offer you a list of things NOT to do.

1. Live in the past

Of course, the past is an important part of our experience. The mistakes that we made, we are taught to be stronger and not repeat them, but it is important not to focus on them. Learn to forgive: myself and others. If you have done something wrong, do not gnaw yourself the rest of life, and take a look at the situation as an opportunity to fix it and learn something in the process. If someone else made a mistake, do not fall on him the full power of your criticism and caustic wit: this is your chance to show generosity, kindness and understanding. Do not miss it.

2. Wait for the perfect moment

The ideal moment will never come. Perfect moment does not exist. Instead of waiting for a mysterious set of circumstances, go ahead, risk. And even if you are not confident in the success (and no one is sure of success when trying something new), you can always be sure that no one will prevent you to try again. Stop waiting for: you will lose much less than afraid to lose, and will gain far more than you dare to hope.

3.To gossip

It’s not worth it. If you are all discussed what Ivanov doing there, why not discuss it all with Ivanov, not behind him? Ah, “you are not in a position to talk to him?” So maybe, if at all you do not need to rant about his person? Take this time productive and meaningful conversation instead.


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