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Talk with a stranger

Today in the university canteen met with the girl. She sat down next to me, and apparently, that she needed to talk to!

She is in mutual love with a guy who is ready to do everything for her; he will give her his last shirt and want to marry her this summer. It’s so rare nowadays! But they are not together now.

So, when she talks about him with this kind of eyes burning that only people in love have, I felt that she lives by memories of their acquaintance, relationships, time they spent together, and all the time she speaks in the past tense!

And all because her mother against him, instilling her with the wrong values – career, everything must be done only by herself, and study, of course, the most important thing” …

I wondered why she sat next to me. Why with me she decided to share this? She asked me straight if I ever loved. Here I want to draw the line.

Well, let’s wish a good luck to the girl, and not to be mistaken with her choice!Tomorrow is her conversation with him after a year, they did not communicate, after which we will know whether they will be together …


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