Posted in Psychology, Relations

Endless talk

In real life, the conversation has a beginning and an end, which is not true about communication in the messengers. As in a tennis match, a lot of people throwing messages all day long in a non-stop mode, making sure the score were 1: 1. It is often unclear – how to finish such conversation?

Perhaps when one asked a question and the second gave the answer?

Or when the “feeling” that the conversation is completed?

But it was not always this feeling arises simultaneously in both people. And then one of them, not having received “the response ball”, will feel neglected.

And there is good to keep in touch all day long? Our beloved will not miss us, will not wonder, “Where is she now? What is she doing? “No, he is always aware of all our deeds, he seems to be invisible” lives “in our pocket or purse. This non-stop communication does not allow us to stay in seclusion. But this time alone so necessary for us.


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