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Real Happiness

Everyone, who believe that life “fills” with professional work, money and position in society, will be sad in old age.

Studies show that even if a person has a successful career, prosperity and an enviable physical health, without a strong relationship with a loved one, he will not experience true happiness.

Happiness – it’s only a cart, but love – this is the horse that carries it.

With the passage of time the presence of relationship with a loved one is becoming more important, the study found that the presence of the support of a partner is closely related to life expectancy, levels of stress and a sense of well-being. It is interesting that in the sense of happiness of life is not affected by the number of real problems – couples who have experienced poverty, serious illness and even lost loved ones, are happier than singles, which are not faced with any serious difficulties.

So, go and kiss your beloved one, after reading this post 🙂


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