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I continue to share with you a brief reportage about my participation in the marathon – the steps of the artist. So, today we had a job to arrange a performance. Now I will share with you short instruction.

Take the drawing paper and attach it to the wall. Arm yourself with a soft pencil, markers or charcoal stick. Turn on the music. And start! Draw a line as feel: smooth or zigzag, wild, crisp or tender and soft. Do not draw anything specific.

Just line.

But focus on the fact that they are different and correspond to the music. Ensure momentum. Where is the movement? It is important that the wrist has not tense, draw from the shoulder and the elbow. Use both hands, be inspired through music! I advise you to turn on something instrumental or something of the classics (my choice – Adiemus – Songs Of Sanctuary). But the choice is yours.

My performance lasted for few hours, because after drawing few lines, decided to work with colors and filters to it in Photoshop. Here we got few variations:







Which one you like the best? 🙂

The whole process just remind me one thing:



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