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For men and women messages means different

Women sometimes are willing to spend hours in touch with friends (by and large nothing).

However, their upsets or offends when for some reason cannot involve a partner in this incessant texting.

The reason is that men and women have different perceptions of the communication.

As shown by many studies, men mostly use it primarily for data transmission. After that, it seems that the talk lose its sense.

A woman communicates in order to create emotional intimacy. So communication is potentially infinite for her. For men the same way to create emotional intimacy becomes synergy.

Then clear the root of misunderstandings between the sexes when it comes to messaging. Long texting – it just chat for communication. I

f a man doesn’t write to his partner messages as often and with the same enthusiasm as she writes him, she begins to feel that he is not interested in her.

In her interpretation this is reluctance to establish an emotional connection.

While he would have preferred to to make an evening jog with her or watch a movie together.



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