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10 doors to happiness

There are ten doors to happiness, and the food – only one of them. If most of them are closed, we comfort with food. The goal is to analyze which doors have closed, and try to open them.

These doors are:

1. Food gives the desire to live and gives pleasure, since eating the food increases the amount of the hormone serotonin.

2. Relationship – all that relates to the relationship between man and woman, parents and children, family. Remember your feelings when you are in love or have born a welcomed baby – you feel over moon.

3. Position in society – work, a profession in which you are competent, favorite thing give a sense of self-esteem, joy, happiness.

4. Your home – a place where you feel comfortable, safe, you have the opportunity to rest and recharge the batteries.

5. Movement – all that you do with the body (walking, sports, dancing, swimming), also promotes the production of the hormone serotonin.

6. The nature and communication with animals, watching them. We are also children of nature and contact with the forest, the sea relieves reduce stress and gives us the desire to live.

7. Game. Singing, watching your favorite movies and TV shows, games, dancing, storytelling – all the situations in which we try on new masks and play someone else’s life, give us pleasure and a feeling of happiness.

8. Membership of the group. It can be the Association of Lovers of Literature, politics and so on. It is important that the awareness of belonging to these people improves your self-esteem and fills you with joy.

9. Spirituality – everything that is connected with higher powers, divine.

10. Beauty – we cannot live without it, and it also gives us serotonin, it gives the strength to live.

Check to see which doors you open and which are closed, and try to open it. You can start with the simplest – twenty-minute walk every day. It will help increase the level of serotonin in the blood and will give you the strength to get out of bed every morning with joy and look forward to a new day.


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