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The principle of contrast.

If we raise the tennis ball, and then an iron dumbbell, then the weight will seem to us to be more severe than in the case, if we raised dumbbell first. Another example of contrast principle – if you omit the right hand in a bucket of hot water, and left in a bucket of cold, and then both hands dipped in water of room temperature, then the right hand will perceive it as cool, and left as a hot despite the fact that both hands are in the same water.

This principle is widely used by sales masters. In the men’s clothing store buyer, who took an expensive suit will be ready to spend more money on accessories than the one who came only for accessories. The reason is that in comparison with the high price or value of the suit belt price does not seem significant. When the real estate slick realtor before show potential buyers a suitable home, leads them to look a few calls and utter pimped price. Seeing quality flat then, they evaluated its contrast is much higher than in the case if to show it first. Finally, the same principle is used in sales when the price tags on the cross out the old price and write a new one. At the same time the old price can be extremely overpriced, and the new – only acceptable, but comparing them, many customers buy discounted thing, it is quite likely would have found prohibitively expensive, if only one digit was specified on it.How can we use the principle of contrast? Simple advice can be formulated as follows: “to ask for more, settle for less.”


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