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#Astrologynails: Manicure for Virgo

Dear friends!

By hashtag #astrologynails in Instagram you can find unexpected ideas of nail art. Sale applications and templates that allow applying a particular zodiac symbol on the nail plate. And in Los Angeles and New York are open nail salons where every client before a visit to the master visit … astrologer! For 30 minutes astrologer consulting visitors on their “color scope” – a palette of shades of lacquer coatings that are appropriate for her month of birth.There is a general plan advice (suspended, all Lions recommended bronze-gold gamma), and there is a manicure with a favorable combination of colors for a particular day of the week or an important occasion. At most, a manicure is to strengthen the spell of good fortune, to make life more harmonious, at least – to create a good mood. I was little surprised on what they say about manicure for Vigro… It turns out, that all the time, I intuitively choose the right color for myself.

I will share with you these recommendations for Vigro (recommendations for other signs you can find with google easily)

Manicure for Virgo

Basic scale: red

Additional colors: white, pink and white, blue, violet, purple, lime green, gray, anthracite

Nail polish Chanel, Rouge Flamboyant

Red manicure for Virgo – is not only a symbol of seduction, but also a sign of tenacious business acumen. Shades of the accompanying scale, especially pastel, able to turn down the excessive degree of perfectionism, mitigate the severity towards themselves and others.



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