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The Principle Of Cigarette

Today, in the park I saw how the girl asked for a cigarette of smoking man. And I thought that smokers are people who do not have problems with the “give”. And that’s why.Look, almost every smoker at least once in life borrows a cigarette from a stranger. Under borrowed I mean take for free. He (she) was never ashamed or embarrassed of he asks for a cigarette from a stranger. He just came up and politely asked him/her, and then take and thanked.I wondered. And now it’s your turn. Have you ever asked a stranger with a pack of biscuits, to treat you? Just like that, without any reasons, excuses and getting to know each other. The purpose for a purpose: asked the stranger to share cookies. I think, even convinced that not! If so, write in comments (!). Why not? After all, I am sure in your life were situations when you like eating something that eating a stranger nearby. Or, go ahead, ask a stranger to share something that he owns. No? Why not? It is not accepted? – Correct – It is not accepted.

I propose to break down stereotypes in your heads. I had a lot of situations where I had to ask people about what they could share with me without problems. And you know what? They did it willingly. Maybe I’m so lucky, not all generous and willing to share, but it means only one thing in this case, they are also not okay with Give-Take. Are you all okay with giving-take or are you on your way to ensure that everything is okay, and then you need to practice! And do not be afraid of the resistance that you meet on your way, bewilderment, surprise, or anything else. You are responsible only for your response, and the people around have a right to think and feel whatever they want, it’s their lives and choices. And this is not your business. Catches of the principle of cigarettes?


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