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Per que?

I had time, and I thought … we, girls, somehow always buy lingerie for our partners, for men.Today I have decided to review one of my favorite movies about changes and challenges, and I stopped video at the moment when Julia Roberts wanted to buy a blue penury, but never bought, and on the question of a friend, said: Per que? (For whom?) – For yourself! – Said a friend and me too. So I thought, usually my favorite female shopping – dresses, beautiful lingerie, lipstick – occur in those periods when I fall in love. On the one hand, it is understandable – the energy of inspiration and joy as edge switches that I want to bloom, to smell and to be even more beautiful. Only now that hinders us women enjoy themselves without reason, without being attached to the meeting with a man, even if not 24 hours a day, at least 7 days per week? Please yourself and be happy!

Do not spare money for yourself – this is nonsense! – We are women, it is our energy of prosperity colors all around and if we will not be beautiful, enchanting, then who will?There is nothing more beautiful than half-naked female body in beautiful lace underwear! And it’s worth it, even if you just went to the mirror to admire yourself.

And I insist that each girl reading this post at the nearest time go and buy dizzying underwear for herself!


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