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A friend of mine told me angrily about how his wife has built whole story around buying a new coat. First, she repeated about the need of fur coat constantly – and he agreed. Then she asked him to buy a fur coat – and he gave money. Then she asked him to take her to the store – and he’s a busy man, asked her to take a taxi, and she led all the new arguments why this is not possible … At the end, he took the time and holding back anger, took his wife to fulfill her every whim. That is, he really thought it was – a whim.

Meanwhile, it is obvious that the whole story – about something else: how a woman is looking for opportunities to feel worth in the eyes of men. The fact that the poor coat by itself does not mean anything, but important dreamed Fur Day, when they will go to choose and buy fur coat for her TOGETHER. In this story money not important, but her husband’s attention and time are.


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