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May the good smell be with you

When the perfume is not very persistent, usually we thinking that manufacturer come up with not successful formula. But it turns out, is often the reason – in our skin. If it is too hot, the composition of the molecule is simply not linger – evaporated by heating. So what to do?

If the manufacturer of your favorite perfume producing not only the perfume or eau de toilette, but also shower gel, body lotion, deodorant, etc. with this smell – buy the whole series. Yes, it is more expensive to buy than just perfume, but the smell will last longer, and the perfume will be consumed slowly.

If you are by nature have a hot skin, try to apply the perfume on the cold spots that perfume do not burn out quickly. For example, in many cases the fragrance did not hold on to the ear, where a high body temperature (it just disappears, heated), in this case it is better to put toilet water on the shoulder, the back of your hand or elbow.

If your skin keeps perfume bad, apply perfume on the inner side of clothes (just check that no trace remains). It can be sprinkled on a silk or woolen scarf. Not a bad option – a leather watch strap or belt. Remember that smell may be distorted on synthetic materials.

If you are going to spend vacations in a hot country – do not be afraid in to enjoy a thick rich aroma at the evenings. That smells too hard in our temperate climate in the tropics can be very tasty. This is especially true for oriental fragrances.


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