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3 easy ways to wake up early for workout

For some people 5 am – not an early hour, but for others, and 10 am – the crack of dawn. If you are convinced night owl, it is probably hard for you to get up a little early to make exercises or jogging. But lately, you are more and more convinced that starting the day with a sport – it is correct and useful. I want to give you a few simple tips, so you will be able to start to get up early!

Start with one day a week

It is much easier and physiologically, and psychologically: start planting to practice this useful habit one day per week. For example, decide that every Tuesday you will wake up at 5:30 and make a run. Gradually, you will have the habit of getting up early in the day, and you are surprised to find that on other days of the week is much easier to wake up.

Focus on feelings

Sports provoke production of endorphins, hormones of happiness, which is why after a workout you have such a good mood. Try to fix this situation and see how great it is. You may suddenly find that a good mood – it’s a good alternative to a few hours of sleep!

Reward yourself

In order for a new habit ingrained, you must stay encouraged, including through small gifts to yourself. For example, you can conclude with a deal: if you can last in this chart month, give yourself a trip to the chic beauty salon or the premiere of a new film.


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