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Tactics to improve your morning

Everyone, perhaps, was in situation when you wake up in the morning and was horrified to realize everything must be done now. Immediately wakes up the desire to hide under the covers. This feeling is too familiar to many of us. But, fortunately, you are not required to start your morning this way.You know that our thoughts influence on our emotions? Since we can learn to control them, we can also learn how to start the morning super positive. Here are some ideas to help you to enjoy every morning.

Cook a delicious breakfast

Instead, in order to spend your morning checking page on Facebook or VKontakte, go to the kitchen and prepare delicious (and nutritious) breakfast! This protein pancakes? Or maybe an omelet? Don’t you feel better now?

Play with your pet

People, who always play with their pets, eat breakfast together, do exercise before go to work, feel happier and begin the day with joyful emotions. You cannot be sad or angry after the game with your furry (or not ) pet.

Read inspiring book or article

The nice part of your morning routine may be reading blogs to which you have subscribed. If you read something motivational and inspiring in the morning, you will feel happier and will be ready to solve complex tasks throughout the day.

Look at something beautiful

A wonderful way to improve mood and become more relaxed – is to look at something beautiful. This can be a flower, your husband or wife, a picture that hangs in your room … what it was like to highlight just a minute or two, just in order to assess this beauty. You will be amazed how quickly this tactic works and improves your mood!




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