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May Marathon preparations

The marathon is a long-distance running event usually run as a road race. This race event was established in commemoration of the legendary run of the Greek soldier Pheidippides, a messenger that run from the Battle of Marathon to Athens.

Over the years this phenomenal run has evolved all around the world in the month of May. Thousands of participants enter the race and take part in the event. Since then the race has become a symbol of endurance, stamina and great health.

In order to be a participant of a marathon race, even if you run at a moderate pace, you need to be in a great health state with a good balance of food, nutrition, metabolism and great body functionality.The importance of the metabolism in the preparation and participation for such event is vital.

A good metabolism, is not only from a successful of a diet, but also the foundation of a good health well been. It offer you the basic sustainability metabolism functionality, feeling great and looking better.

Even in ancient times healers have noticed that a good metabolism, would result in a healthy and visual appeal, and they were right. If your metabolism is in an optimum state, then the body functions without problems, the nutrients found in food and help to eliminate toxins in your body.

Improve and increase your metabolism

By avoiding food and nutrients intake into your body functionality, with hunger or starvation diet you are altering your body metabolism rate and when you stop the diet the rate does not grow back with the increase of calories and that causes your body to turn the extra calories into fat. A balance of a stable diet and daily event of exercise is the best way to achieve a healthy body and a great looking appearance.

Importance of protein

Protein serves a number of essential requirements in the maintenance of your body. Protein has a higher calories burning rate for your body to break down and make use of the protein that carbohydrates, therefore increases the metabolism rate while reducing the increase of fat store around your waist, improving the balancing in your diet.The three principles of a good metabolism


Do not forget about water. For normal metabolism you need to consume at least 1.5-2 liters of water each day. By reducing your fluid intake, you are slowing down your metabolism. Even if you participate in a strict diet. The results will be noticeable, if you limit your to water intake.

Power load

The stronger your muscles, the greater is the body metabolic processes. By increasing muscle mass, you are increasing your chances of losing weight, and a large component of burning fat.

Normal sleep

Perhaps you yourself have noticed that poor sleep stimulates your appetite. This is because the body does not get enough rest, it starts hard to look for other sources of energy. For example, in the food, after a dream, it is a time when your body gain’s strength for the coming day. Train yourself to sleep at least 8 hours a day. Three items that kill your figureStrong nervesIn times of stress the body throws out a special hormone, cortisol, which is able to nullify all your efforts to lose weight. The imbalanced during times of stress the body begins to act up, the metabolism slows down.Less alcoholAlcohol provokes an increased in the appetite. Without harm to one’s figures, a dry wine can be accepted and strong drinks can be harmful for one’s figure. They slow down your metabolism, because they contain more calories than your body is able to burn.

Smaller portions

The stomach size can both stretch and/or shrink, so train yourself a little with no problem, should you wish. The benefit for a good figure is to consume for each meal, no more than 200 grams of food. You are accustoming your body to ensure that it does not go hungry and consequently the need for reserve of energy is not necessarily. All the food will be processed and not stored as fat reserves.Good metabolismIt is not only the success of any diet, but also the foundation of good health. We offer you the basic ways to accelerate metabolism, feel great and look great.

Tips and precautions

The marathon run is hard to your body system, it take a very large effort to run that size distance.You should have a program to increase your distance gradually so that you don’t give a shock to your body, but rather an introduction so that your body can adjust to the stress of such a race.As your increase the distance while preparing to run a marathon, you will need to gradually increase your food source to build up your mussel tissues and blood supply.Very few people are able to run a marathon twice in the same week, and they are professional under the guidance of medical experts in they situation. One marathon every several month a large number of people can achieve, if they take the time and proper preparation. Cramps and other injuries can be a cause of over stressing and inadequate preparation.

So go ahead, get a proper preparation!



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