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What is the house for men?

What is the house for men? House – a cave in which he can hide from life’s storms. It is safe shelter, rear, the only source of peace.

This contradiction with the inattentive, unresponsive wife can bring to rabies!

So I would advise the ladies to remember this difference when planning chores. And not too zealous in their desire to make everything perfect, especially with her husband’s hands.I do believe that a man is entitled to receive from his women the following things that allow us to make the home what it should be for a man resting place:

Respect. He must be assured for 1000% of that at home nobody call him goat, loser, slacker.

Silence. Yes, the husband is entitled to receive a portion of the house of silence. It is a place where he can sleep off and get some rest from the storms of life.

The beauty and harmony. You say now, that this is sexist, but I believe that a husband has the right to an aesthetically pleasing wife and a clean comfortable home.

Now start a conversation about the division of domestic responsibilities in working pair. But in this extreme case you can call a maid once per week, sometimes it is easier to pay for cleaning and forget.

Energy. The house is a kind of place to recharge his batteries. So, in the house should be all that they can make up for the lost energy: his favorite food, the ability to watch a good movie, the ability to take a fragrant bath, a loving wife, who has not extinguished interest in life.

And all that is required from a woman – to transform the house into a place of rest, not in a place of constant war!

Do you think an impossible requirement for a woman?

Of course, men also have some duties. But that’s another story.


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