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Triptychs strangers

“Triptychs strangers” is photo series of the German photographer Adde Adesokan, which met with various people on the streets of cities around the world, and makes all three shots, but such that they necessarily reflect the personality of strangers and tell their story. Required attributes for these unusual triptychs – face, hands and shoes – succinctly and simply make it clear what kind of person in front of us.

At the moment, the project has more than 30 photographs taken in cities such as Hamburg, Paris, Berlin, London, Hong Kong, Istanbul, and Adde Adesokan not going to stop. His goal – to expand the idea of the classic portrait, make it more vivid and detailed, tells the story of the individual, rather than a single point in time are imprinted.

Hope, one day this photographer will visit Ukraine. Until then, we can experiment with friends, taking triptychs of each other. In few days will share some results with you! Wish you a nice, creative weekend, dear friends!



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