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The Arabian culture and people

I went to United Arab Emirates (UAE) for a visit and immediately I fell in love with the country, the people and wide range of different culture living together. Everywhere I went the were Abaya women, dress in a national black dress, Quandour men, with a white national outfit, and I suddenly felt a urge to begin to take photos everywhere I went. But as you well know, some cultures, the women is not allowed to show her face to the public and not even on the internet on social media like Facebook or Instagram, instead they resort to post the avatar on their account as food items, jewelry or cars and other items as her face or body images is not allowed and you are not allowed to know who is behind the mask and or closing.

The most common dress code for women are the black abaya and that makes difficult to identify in the street who is behind the dress. For that reason, often the women use item like handbag’s, watches, jewelry and shoes as a form to identify who is the girl in that case.

I notice many times both in the malls and everywhere, that some ladies were wearing Loubutin, they are shoes with a giant heels, and they are very difficult to wear them or walk around with them. In the Arab culture the women are common to decorate themselves with glitter, body prints, lots of rings and bracelets and neckless too.It is uncommon for the women to be wearing large earrings since their heads are covered with a hijab or a handkerchief with is the common trading for the Lebanese girls to wear. In the UAE and other parts of the world, the Lebanese ladies usually wear European (western) type close with a handkerchief and a large amount of ornaments, like large neckless, earrings and bracelets. Arabian women, often justify a large number of jewelry. In this beautiful country, a man can divorce the women and not the other way around, and if a man desire or wish to divorce, then he just needs to say three times the words “I divorce you”, and leave the house that she is living in right away, for that reason the women do try to wear as much as possible since she will not be able to go back and pick up other item that is left in the house. To me this over the top, but is in their own tradition and culture.

The locals feel that diamonds and precious stones are items of lessor value and are seen as inferior jewelry to wear, and the Russian girls are more common to be using such item on themselves. The ladies they wear their jewelry even for breakfast lunch and dinner from the time they wake up until they go to bed. The range and type of the jewelry used has stories and gives a brand name from the family that the girl is from, by the rings, bracelets and watches, since this is the only possible part of the body that she is allowed to show to identify herself with.If you have other stories and comments around these above way of life, let us know what you feel about it.


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