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Schoolgirls, mirror and lipstick

As per a report on a local newspaper in Washington, a certain specific school had a very unique problem.Each day, a number of early teens girls were wearing lipstick and that was OK with the school. These teens girls were going to the washroom on a frequent basis and maintain and repair the lipstick in the washroom, but the school had no issues with that either.

The issue, that the school was facing, was that once the lipstick was applied on the lips, the girls had the abbot to press the lips on the mirror in order to leave a print behind afterwards. The maintenance custodian cleaner person, each night would have had to clean it up and each day the girls would go and do the same over and over again.

One day the custodian cleaner, got tired of cleaning and approached the school principal and tool him the problem, and the next day the school principal then call all the girls together and told the girls about the problem and asked the girls to follow her to the washroom to see just how hard it is to clean the lipstick in order to request the girls to stop doing.

Once they gather the girls inside the washroom the maintenance/cleaner man was asked to demonstrate and clean the mirror of the lipstick prints. The man them proceed to pull out a cleaner device called a squeegee and he them proceed to the toilet bowl and dip the squeegee in the bowl and then went ahead and clean the mirror from those lipstick prints.After that day the maintenance/cleaner man did not find another lipstick print on the mirror ever again.

Some time it takes many forms and different ways to show and demonstrate in order to educate people particular teen’s guys and girls.

Do you think the school went too far with the lesson? Do you have a similar story of strange way to educate people? Looking for your opinion of lessons like these.



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