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Pen stronger than keyboard

Complaints that computers and mobile phones make our children less intelligent and capable for learning become so commonplace. These gadgets deprive us of the most important skill – the ability to write by hand, which, as it turns out, is directly linked with wit, and with the ability to learn. Let me tell you about one experiment with young children which didn’t know how to read or write. All young participants were shown cards with the image of the letters. And then the children were asked to reproduce what they saw in one of three ways. Some of them were to try to represent that letter on a piece of paper. Another group got sheets with dotted points, so they can repeat the shape of the letters, connecting them with a pencil. Finally, the third group needs to print the letter, finding it on the computer keyboard. Then all the children again showed cards with the same characters, but this time special equipment was scanning their brains.The result was very eloquent. The first group of children – those who are trying to simply reproduce the letter on a piece of paper, without any prompting, the increased activity of brain regions has been fixed, which are involved in adults brain during reading and writing. None of those who put together points, none of those who type the letters on the computer, show such brain activity. Our cognitive ability strengthens even with difference of handwriting. Any letter may be written by dozens of different ways. Nevertheless, we are always (well, except, perhaps, only to the extent that when we read a doctor’s prescription) are able to identify it. This ability to isolate the sense of unity is very important, especially when teaching children.

Source: “Pen stronger than keyboard” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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