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Old Pictures

Hang or not to hang on the house walls photos of deceased loved ones – a purely personal matter. However, today it has become almost a trend: in modern apartments you will rarely see old family photos. Why? What we are afraid of and what trying to avoid?

This subject vigorously debated at the internet: argued a variety of sources and experts. Healers respond unequivocally: “Hanging on the walls pictures of dead relatives will drain your vital energy.” Feng Shui Fans equally adamant: “Dead people images direct the negative energy in your home.” They recommend keeping the photos in albums or in cardboard boxes in the attic.

More tolerant and space relate to this problem psychologists. They believe that hang or not to hang pictures – matter of individual choice. Reading these opinions, I suddenly saw clearly that the issue is not quite correctly placed. In the end, everyone has his own style, the manner and method of storage. Some held pictures under glass on their desk, while others put them on the shelf or hang on the wall; others are stored in albums, the fourth carry in a purse. All this is not a topic for public discussion.

I want to talk about something else. According to my observations, family ties have weakened. I have heard from many, many good friends, they appreciate kinship relations on interests much more then family relations. It happens that relatives falls into this series, sometimes – not, but to love him (her) only because the same blood flows in you? What do you think about it?


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