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Nylon Novelty

Mankind has always wary of novelties: aircraft, bikini, fast food – all these things have to implement more than one decade. But perhaps nothing is met with such rejection as nylons. Durable, almost cosmic material of wild colors for a long time could not make a serious competition to the traditional silk. In 1962, nylon comes to the cold Sweden, where women even in the summer wore stockings. But it turned out those nylon stockings was there and no one needs them. Then stocking manufacturers asked the Swedish television about help. The TV workers did not know for a long time, how to organize an advertising campaign. Extolling the benefits of nylon stockings to silk would be a lie, for which very severely they can get punished at that time. Then the TV crew found an elegant solution.

1st of April, they announced that the “black-and-white screen of your TV can be converted into color, pulling on it several nylon stockings of different colors.” That same evening, thousands of unsuspecting spectators rushed to the store for stockings. The next day, the same thousands of spectators – though this time angry – stormed the television center: after all, even the combination of red, green, and blue stockings are not brought colors to their TV screen. But the television station staff with ready-made smile disowns their advertising to the whole country: “What do you mean, the guys, it was a joke!” Deceived Swedish women only had that to start to wear nylon stockings… Over time, this novelty even becomes fashionable.


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