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Love or doesn’t love? Test

Sitting at a table in a cafe, you are with your loved one carries on a conversation. In the hands you have anything: mirror, souvenir, bracelet, watch, pen…

During conversation, you are “unconsciously” playing with this thing: put it from hand to hand, twist, etc. Then, seizing the moment, “accidentally” put it on the table, close to your man, and continue to behave as if nothing had happened, watching for his reaction. What will he do with the thing?

Take it in his hands – he definitely feels interest for you, but has not yet decided if he likes you or not.

Took the thing, but quickly puts it back – maybe he would feel sympathy to you, but distrust outweighs, perhaps of bad past experience. He needs your help, the first step.

Take it, look at it, stroking it with his fingers – the same he wants to do with you.

Do not pay any attention to the thing or moves it to you – it is unlikely that your relationship has a future. He did not see you beside him.

He puts thing on his palm or use for its intended purpose (trying on glasses, writes with a pen) – he already considers you as his property and possibly making plans for a future together.

Have you ever try such love tests? How was the result?


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