Posted in Psychology

Life and tears

As a child I loved to tell stories. I spent hours with my grandfather, telling stories about aliens, princesses, animals, our home pets, about friends and family. I enjoyed the process. And then for some reason I stopped doing it. And I do not remember why.I was sixteen when I again discovered the world of story-telling. But the funny thing is that if I, an five-year, asked myself, but sixteen years old, “Why you do not tell (write) stories anymore?” And would have answered: “Because I’m not very good at it,” or “Because no one will read (listen) what I write (tell), “or” Because it is impossible to make money doing it, “I would have most likely made myself in age five-years burst into bitter tears. So, I have questions for you. What in your today’s personality led you to cry at the age of 5 years?


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