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Groundhog Day

Dear friends! Yesterday, with my boyfriend we were watching nice comedy. Probably, you know this film. At first glance, “Groundhog Day” seems to be the usual comedy, but if you review it more carefully, it becomes clear that the movie teaches us how to stop taking his own life as a series of identical and dreary days. In other words, this film can become a kind of master class on making changes in their own lives. From the touching stories that happened in a small American town of Punxsutawney, there are three basic ideas that will help to become happier.

First idea: work on oneself brings us closer to perfection”Groundhog Day” is an ingenious experiment to slow time, the results of which show that it is necessary to use every day to the maximum and live life to the fullest.

Second Idea: harmony withinThe protagonist of “Groundhog Day” of conceited egotistical narcissist has become a sympathetic, romantic man seeking help neighbor. It turns out that it is also a history of self-consciousness. It’s an adventure in which the hero cultivators and stands on the path of self-transformation.

Third idea: we have everything you need to be happyPhil Connors, a television commentator, before his death, tired of his job, he was deeply hated holiday “Groundhog Day” in a remote town, whose residents, in his opinion, do not shine intelligence, and the hotel is just terrible. Gradually, however, the hero discovers that this hell is not really so terrible. This does not change anything except personal relationships Phil Connors in the surrounding area. That confirms the thesis: “if you can not change the situation, try to change their attitude to it.” To do this, you can even keep a special journal, writing down every little thing that makes us feel happier. It is particularly important to detect the pros at a time when we failed, upset or angry with life.

Source: “”Groundhog Day” as a way of personal growth” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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