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Food at work

The basic rule of successful food break with high load at job, especially if you have irregular schedule: do not divide meals with familiar words “breakfast”, “lunch”, and “dinner”. Our situation is different. You just need to eat at regular intervals. And another thing: do not need to follow any new fad diets. It is enough to follow a few rules.

Start the day with a complex carbohydrate. They are found in cereals, on the way to their office can be chewed intently as bars or cereals. Or brew porridge in a thermos and eat it at work.

Alternative to muesli is thick yogurt and cereal bread.

Frequent breaks for tea and coffee at work increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and contribute to weight gain. Try to drink normal cool water.

If at the dining room or the nearest coffee shop with a business lunch, you can choose the meat, take beef or veal, because pork twice fatter. If serving chicken, don’t eat its skin – it usually meets all the oil in which the food is cooked.

If you have not enough time for a full meal, prepare yourself a protein shake or buy in the store of sports food some protein bars.If you spend a lot of time sitting, you should consume more fiber. I will not explain in detail why – the problem is too delicate. But believe me, it is easier. Fiber is found in green, vegetables (except potatoes), cereals, fruits, bran and nuts.Forget the myth that fast food – a terrible evil! If you want a burger here and now – eat it. But do not drink down with soda drink. Better that than a month to restrain yourself, and then to break and swallow the entire fast food menu three times.


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